Changelog:WHMCS V7.9.0 Beta 1

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Version 7.9.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1023 - Implement support for metric reporting and usage billing to provisioning modules
FEATURE-1887 - Implement recording of date of refund and/or cancellation for invoices
FEATURE-2179 - Sitelock VPN: Introduce support for reselling the Sitelock VPN service
FEATURE-2183 - Enforce maximum renewal terms in all domain renewal workflows
FEATURE-2187 - PayPal: Implement support for Smart Payment Buttons Checkout Experience
FEATURE-2189 - Improve UI/UX relating to ACH/eCheck modules and add support for payment method creation
FEATURE-2195 - Stripe: Add support for ACH and SEPA direct debit processing
FEATURE-2197 - Implement support for conditional requirements in additional domain fields
FEATURE-2205 - Implement display of enabled Metric Usage Statistics to admin area
FEATURE-2207 - Implement display of enabled Metric Usage Statistics to client area
FEATURE-2208 - cPanel: Implement support for Metric Usage Statistics collection
FEATURE-2210 - DirectAdmin: Implement support for Metric Usage Statistics collection
FEATURE-2212 - Implement informational quick look functionality to admin area product and service lists


CORE-7000 (#4164) - Validate currency code on during additional currency setup
CORE-7120 (#4371) - Correct calculation for upgrade pricing with lifetime promotions
CORE-8178 - Ensure Contacts are not redirected to 2FA configuration
CORE-10316 - Correct currency format normalization prior to invoice payment inspection
CORE-10362 - Ensure date format for values used in Next Due Date field
    Also known as: CORE-13871
CORE-10954 - Correct quoting an existing product with no monthly pricin
CORE-11515 - Correct KB articles and downloads title conversions for non-latin characters
    Also known as: CORE-11851 & CORE-13508
CORE-11857 - Ensure cancellation not attempted for upgrade orders lacking an invoice
CORE-12435 - Remove Bouvet Island country code from available countries
CORE-12926 - Ensure prorata billing results in a correct next invoice date on the service during the initial order
CORE-13225 - Correct cancellation request pagination
CORE-13335 - Utilize best symbols for password generation respective of Plesk provisioning
CORE-13576 - Update Allow Client CC Removal setting name and description
CORE-13665 - Add index.php to all directories of the Six template
CORE-13691 - Improve translation strings for Tow-Factor Authentication
    Also known as: CORE-13825
CORE-13696 - Improve character transliteration of admin WHOIS output
CORE-13715 - Add missing Italian province South Sardinia (SU) to States Dropdown
CORE-13720 - Correct use of legacy FontAwesome class to v5 family
CORE-13752 - Ensure System Health Check for allow_url_fopen triggers when not enabled
CORE-13757 - Ensure PreRegistrar hook-points are executed just once
CORE-13762 - Add fraud check fail gateway functionality
    Also known as: MODULE-7124
CORE-13769 - Add recommendation for installer when max_execution_time is not as expected
CORE-13770 - Improve resilience for when admin templates are missing
CORE-13771 - Update Ticket Options tab following data update via sidebar
CORE-13773 - Ensure proper spacing in the Invoice Number format in the admin area when using Spanish language
CORE-13774 - Correct addition of contact address for CC field on email import
CORE-13775 - Correct missing captcha image on password reset page
CORE-13778 - Improve post-login redirects for pathinfo routes
    Also known as: CORE-13144
CORE-13782 - Correct migration for Visa Debit card type
CORE-13783 - Update sample input for UpdateInvoice API
CORE-13784 - Update additional domain field options for .eu tld
CORE-13785 - Improve inspection of inactive tickets prior to auto-close routine
CORE-13788 - Ensure CCUpdate hook fires on card add / update
CORE-13789 - Prevent erroneous exception on server (mis)configuration
CORE-13791 - Ensure captcha error is returned in specified language
CORE-13796 - Correct population of domain additional fields dropdown type
CORE-13797 - Reset Invoice Numbering when enabled on change of month
    Also known as: ADDON-5975
CORE-13799 - Correct breadcrumb path building for domain pricing
CORE-13801 - Correct paymethod migration when using Remember Me
CORE-13803 - Improve handling of unconventional remote storage gateways
CORE-13804 - Correct admin ticket watch/unwatch
CORE-13806 - Ensure Order Confirmation displays all ordered services
    Also known as: CORE-13903
CORE-13807 - Ensure Invoices Due total in client area excludes Mass Pay invoices
CORE-13809 - Improve gateway token migration when encountering unexpected card data and mandates
CORE-13810 - Only render Add Credit Card option when supported by gateways
CORE-13812 - Correct invocation of AddonTerminated hook
CORE-13816 - Improve ticket association to clients
CORE-13818 - Improve messaging when blocking existing domains related to orders
CORE-13823 - Ensure correct user is attributed to orders placed in admin area
CORE-13827 - Allow subTitle key for IntelligentSearch hook to be optional
CORE-13828 - Correct display of date selection for Support Overview
CORE-13834 - Correct logging for changes in Automation Settings
CORE-13836 - Include migrated and non-migrated data for client searches against Last Four
CORE-13838 - Correct pay method update routine for expiry date
CORE-13842 - Prevent error when pay method is deleted during processing
CORE-13845 - Improve management of errors when collecting mail in degraded environment
CORE-13846 - Improve UI to indicate a max length of 64 characters for password
CORE-13847 - Correct path for clippy.svg in generate-password.tpl
CORE-13849 - Ensure Configurable Options of "radio" type display their labels on Upgrade/Downgrade modal
CORE-13851 - Ensure no capture attempt is possible when invoice is in "Draft"
CORE-13855 - Correct itemization of GetAdminUsers under the System category on an API role
CORE-13870 - Do not show inactionable services in Server Sync Tool
CORE-13884 - Correct exclusion of captcha when disabled for domain checker
CORE-13891 - Correct display of Tax ID/VAT Number field while adding new billing address
CORE-13908 - Ensure remoteinput gateways can Add Credit Card in admin area


MODULE-6683 - Correct display of reseller packages in product setup for Plesk
MODULE-6771 - Correct usage statistics updating for Centova Cast
MODULE-6968 - CentovaCast Module does not auto populate custom service fields
MODULE-7048 - Implement config validation for domain registrars
MODULE-7103 - Correct .cl domain registration with ResellerClub
MODULE-7125 - Decouple Stripe folder location from core routing routines
MODULE-7128 - Gracefully handle exception on failed YubiKey
MODULE-7129 - Ensure Stripe expiry date and address are updated when editing a payment method
MODULE-7131 - Correct pay method create in Admin area for eWay Rapid
MODULE-7132 - Correct reports for successful refunds for eWay Rapid
MODULE-7134 - Correct response digest for eWay Rapid
MODULE-7136 - Correct use of existing Stripe token on checkout
MODULE-7137 - Improve resilience when missing mailchimp data
MODULE-7138 - Correct payment process pre-migration for FuturePay & GoCardless
MODULE-7141 - Correct interpolation of merge fields for Stripe Statement Descriptor
    Also known as: MODULE-7151
MODULE-7143 - Ensure credit cards can be added/updated when Validation Mode is set to "Live" on the CIM module
MODULE-7144 - Correct promo calculation for 2CO
MODULE-7147 - Use custom invoice numbering if provided for bank transfer and mail-in modules
MODULE-7148 - Correct updating card data with Accept.JS
MODULE-7149 - Ensure SagePay Tokens allows storage and updates of cards
MODULE-7151 - Ensure Stripe Payment Intent Description is set appropriately on checkout
    Also known as: MODULE-7141
MODULE-7153 - Add support for ACH to GoCardless
MODULE-7155 - Improve Stripe handling when using an existing card on no payment due
    Also known as: MODULE-7166
MODULE-7158 - Disallow redundant and erroneous "Save Changes" button with Quantum Vault pay methods
MODULE-7161 - Force captcha image to reload on Stripe validation failure
MODULE-7162 - Improve DirectAdmin API response error handling
MODULE-7165 - Correct logging of successful Payson transactions
MODULE-7170 - Correct usage of client's currency in Stripe API
MODULE-7175 - Discontinue distribution of PayPal Express Checkout module
MODULE-7182 - Prevent erroneous “Login session not found” error with Stripe when ordering a free product
MODULE-7184 - Correct token format for SagePay Repeats


ADDON-5982 - Only render "Reissue" button for Licensing Addon when appropriate
ADDON-6019 - Ensure Country value passed when updating Mailchimp customer

Project Manager

PMA-152 - Prevent erroneous error when saving with multiple task lists


CORE-8223 - Correct return value of error messages for failures via AcceptOrder API
CORE-13781 - Improve AddOrder API documentation
CORE-13792 - Add affiliateemails parameter to AddContact API call


CORE-13780 - Improvements for French translations
CORE-13793 - Improve Spanish translations
CORE-13897 - Correct missing language string for ovSubtitle