Changelog:WHMCS V7.9.1

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Version 7.9.1 Release Notes


CORE-14166 - Prevent error at checkout when auto-provisioning for existing clients
CORE-14168 - Ensure predefines products can be added to quotes
CORE-14170 - Prevent error during cron tasks for addon termination
CORE-14171 - Prevent error on credit card retries
CORE-14172 - Correct invoice export report for payment method
CORE-14174 - Provide default unique identifier for service module tenants
CORE-14175 - Correct CodeGuard login for addon from service details
CORE-14176 - Prevent error when creating billable item from ticket


MODULE-7249 - Correct one time payments callback for 2Checkout Inline
MODULE-7250 - Update Hexonet EPPCode variable for domain transfer


CORE-14165 - Update Hungarian translations