Changelog:WHMCS V7.9.2

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Version 7.9.2 Release Notes


CORE-13518 - Translate notice message for transaction failure
CORE-13629 - Correct display of payment options when client as credit balance
    Also known as: CORE-14226
CORE-13731 - Add CSS class to Split Ticket button
CORE-13896 - Ensure breadcrumb variable is set when processing password reset template
CORE-14140 - Ensure CCUpdate hook is triggered when updating or deleting a credit card
CORE-14154 - Support Subscriptions on Addons
CORE-14158 - Correct recurring amount calculation for product upgrade of differing billing cycles
CORE-14180 - Remove erroreous output of semicolon
    Also known as: CORE-14270
CORE-14181 - Optimize Usage Billing data collection from cPanel
CORE-14185 - Improve partial datetime parsing for admin calendar
CORE-14191 - Ensure one time payments can be processed when a client opts out of saving card details
CORE-14195 - Prevent argument error for GetTicketPredefinedCats API
CORE-14199 - Prevent admin order failure related to TLD pricing stored prior to v7.5
CORE-14206 - Correct display of domain option in cart
CORE-14208 - Include all subaccount disk and bandwidth usage into resellers' Usage Billing
CORE-14210 - Update Facebook graph API to latest version
CORE-14213 - Add translation string for 'from just'
CORE-14216 - Correct invocation of custom registrar module function ClientArea
CORE-14220 - Correct PayFlow Pro success redirect URL
CORE-14221 - Allow UpdateTicket API to change ticket from client to guest
CORE-14232 - Provide health check warning for non Apache web envirnoments
CORE-14236 - Remove deprecated argument from Slack API call
CORE-14241 - Ensure nameservers are provided to PreRegistrarSaveNameservers
CORE-14242 - Correct unpaid total sum in client overview panel
CORE-14249 - Correct logo path for Hexonet
CORE-14256 - Ensure bank type gateways are attempting for auto payments
CORE-14258 - Improve email logic for determining when automatic payment is possible
CORE-14265 - Correct error message rendering for blocked domains
CORE-14274 - Correct rendering of current disk/bandwidth usage in admin service overview
CORE-14275 - Ensure selected gateway in checkout process is honored
CORE-14277 - Prevent erroneous block for domain requirements that may have value of zero


MODULE-7252 - Ensure invoices can be paid when using SagePay Repeat Payments
MODULE-7253 - Prevent error when detecting API errors from cPanel
MODULE-7256 - Correct boolean representtion for GoDaddy API
MODULE-7258 - Prevent error on package change for cPanel
MODULE-7259 - Correct display of SiteLock enabled products
MODULE-7260 - Prevent error on save of paymethod with GoCardless
MODULE-7262 - Allow subscription for recurring purchases with PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7263 - Improve Stripe configuration verification
MODULE-7264 - Correct display of bandwitdh snapshot value when not enabled for service
MODULE-7266 - Ensure client billing details passed to Stripe when creating PayMethod
MODULE-7270 - Prevent error on refund for Stripe ACH
MODULE-7272 - Correct URL for GoCardless onboarding
MODULE-7273 - Correct API call for managing DNS records with ResellerClub
MODULE-7275 - Ensure Stripe PaymentIntents use customer ID from PM
MODULE-7276 - Ensure local card conversion uses existing Stripe customer if available
MODULE-7277 - Improve conditional Stripe customer creation
MODULE-7279 - Correct URL for QuantumVault payment
MODULE-7282 - Correct refund function invocation for Stripe SEPA and ACH
MODULE-7284 - Prevent erroneous 3DS routine for recurring capture in Payflow Reference Payments
MODULE-7290 - Exclude deleted cPanel sub-accounts from Usage Metrics