Changelog:WHMCS V8.0.0 RC 1

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Version 8.0.0 Release Notes


CORE-15020 - Provide improved User management from Client's User tab and a dedicated User search
CORE-15023 - Include Users in Intelligent Search results with quick-view modal
CORE-15049 - Add PHP 7.4 support to file compatibility inspection utility


CORE-11925 - Ensure non-IDN names are managed case insensitive in cart transfer form
CORE-13824 - Refactor of hook system internals
CORE-14791 - Allow deactivation of modules missing from the installation
CORE-14794 - Improve Total sort on Client Invoice section of Admin Area
CORE-14810 - Prevent error on translated date selection for Support Overview
CORE-14824 - Clarify documentation about when Addon hooks are triggered
CORE-14865 - Correct display of required field notation on cart Domains Configuration
CORE-14880 - Correct tax calculation for Product Addon prorata invoices
CORE-14961 - Ensure domain checker disregards "www."
CORE-14969 - Remove two year billing cycles for MarketConnect SSL
CORE-14978 - Update AddTicketReply example usage of markdown
CORE-14987 - Correct WHOIS entry for .ec TLDs
CORE-15002 - Prevent user profile updates if client profile fields are locked
CORE-15008 - Correct Admin ticket reply sort order
CORE-15014 - Correct step indicator within SSL Configuration sidebar
CORE-15015 - Improve WHMCS Daily System Cron Attention Needed messaging
CORE-15016 - Improve display of admin menu items in all languages
CORE-15027 - Provide toggle to allow Admins to deactivate 2FA of User
CORE-15032 - Correct display of header/footer in Admin database backup email
CORE-15033 - Prevent error when saving SMTP email configuration
CORE-15050 - Correct account security sidebar links
CORE-15053 - Ensure tax/vat field is shown when creating a new contact
CORE-15056 - Correct icon alignment for info message on Admin Automatic Backups
CORE-15060 - Set Allow IDN to default On for new installations
CORE-15062 - Enforce absolute path for local storage configurations
CORE-15067 - Resolve erroneous language string generation in Automation Status
CORE-15074 - Ensure correct route for Email Campaigns Report modal
CORE-15075 - Correct usage of custom field criteria for Email Campaigns
CORE-15077 - Prevent error when ordering MarketConnect service
CORE-15078 - Correct evaluation of custom redirect_uri value for CreateSsoToken API
CORE-15079 - Ensure an Email Campaign will not re-attempt email sending when recipients are not present
CORE-15087 - Remove contact dropdown from Admin Open New Ticket form
CORE-15091 - Correct inspection of updated settings from previous WHMCS upgrade attempts
CORE-15095 - Ensure Manage SSL Certificates page title is translatable


MODULE-5935 (#4495) - Ensure Plesk can provision when Product Type set to Other or Dedicated
Also known as: CORE-7223, MODULE-6188
MODULE-6717 - Ensure separate Admin/Tech contacts are provided for "Corporations" .ca TLDs
Also known as: MODULE-7298
MODULE-7483 - Ensure correct ID passed to Subscription Info modal
MODULE-7486 - Improve eWay error logging
MODULE-7487 - Prevent error when activating GoCardless


CORE-14958 - Add missing request parameters to UpdateClient API documentation