Changelog:WHMCS V8.0.0 RC 2

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Version 8.0.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2367 - MarketConnect: Introduce Open Xchange's Cloud Productivity & Email App Suite


CORE-14808 - Add "New Invoice" option and functionality to Quick Menu
Also known as: CORE-14817, CORE-15143
CORE-15040 - Provide User selection option for New Client form in Admin Area
CORE-15046 - Ensure respective Client context is referenced for Users' data in Users tab
Also known as: CORE-15147
CORE-15065 - Update Hungarian translations
Also known as: MODULE-7488
CORE-15113 - Add General Setting to disable Client Area UI for User management and invites
CORE-15114 - Update Digicert SSL landing page to not provide "Switch to Us" tab
CORE-15120 - Improve styling of Admin navigation elements
CORE-15132 - Improve styling of Admin Area's Client Domain tab
CORE-15137 - Ensure billing contact change in Client's profile is observed
CORE-15142 - Correct link text on Client Summary to read "Login as Owner"
CORE-15148 - Ensure SSL Landing Page does not incorrectly redirect
CORE-15153 - Provide CC assistance in the Admin Open Ticket form
CORE-15155 - Prevent duplicate request on 2FA disable modal form submission
CORE-15177 - Correct handling of entities for new invite form input
CORE-15185 - Provide class for customizations to assert authentication state
CORE-15101 - Ensure Server Sync creates or uses appropriate client
Also known as: CORE-15196


MODULE-7457 - Prevent invalid routing after failed payment via Quantum Vault


CORE-15106 - Correct observation of update request via clientemail param of UpdateClient API


CORE-14937 - Update Romanian translations
CORE-15030 - Update Hungarian translations
CORE-15168 - Update Client Area Hebrew translations