Changelog:WHMCS V8.0.0 RC 3

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Version 8.0.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2385 - Allow MarketConnect slugs to be customised
CORE-15241 - Implement TicketMerge hook
CORE-15242 - Implement TicketSplit hook


CORE-14665 - Provide limited but expandable list of services on Admin Area new ticket open
CORE-14977 - Correct inspection of custom field as unique identifier for Usage Metrics
CORE-15024 - Add security question modal shortcut to Admin ticket view
CORE-15054 - Ensure Product Category menu in clientarea works properly on Mobile Devices
CORE-15080 - Provide system date & time within Admin log sidebar
CORE-15085 - Use translation values for Domain Contact form field labels
CORE-15115 - Update Digicert SSL landing page to mention auto-renewal
CORE-15158 - Prevent erroreous feedback requests for "System" ticket automation
CORE-15160 - Render confirmation on Product Group save and reload form
CORE-15161 - Refine placement of "remove" action for Admin user management
CORE-15180 - Hyperlink requestor name to client account when applicable
CORE-15205 - Correct text label of client's language for Print and Download invoice
CORE-15209 - Ensure Apps & Integrations can redirect to module configuration
CORE-15213 - Correct expired credit card inspection
CORE-15216 - Prevent error when ordering products that do not require a domain
CORE-15217 - Prevent failure on MarketConnect activation
Also known as: CORE-15260
CORE-15220 - Correct email processing with SendGrid
CORE-15221 - Refine cron health checks related to disparate timezone environments
CORE-15224 - Correct documentation links for What's New content
CORE-15235 - Ensure Product Addons with disabled pricing for clients' currency are hidden from view
CORE-15236 - Ensure that updating Client Currency causes products, options & addons to be displayed in new currency.
CORE-15254 - Update Setup page badging and sorting
CORE-15266 - Implement UserAdd hook
CORE-15267 - Ensure option client profile fields are honored on registration form
CORE-15284 - Prevent error when viewing MarketConnect items prior to authentication
CORE-15295 - Ensure products on Product Group page of cart are of client's currency
Also known as: CORE-15307
CORE-15310 - Ensure currency selection is shown in cart product groups


MODULE-7481 - Resolve error on redirection to cart completion after payment with Accept.js
MODULE-7493 - Remove multi-year option within Enom SSL
MODULE-7497 - Improve CSR generation and error handling for Plesk
MODULE-7503 - Ensure Codegard Welcome email references correct service
MODULE-7505 - Discontinue distribution of MediaCP
CORE-15256 - Prevent error when receiving invalid data from Stripe

Project Management Addon

PMA-161 - Improve client search for new projects
PMA-163 - Correct aggregation of recent uploads
PMA-165 - Improve associate ticket UI
PMA-173 - Update PMA to v2.3.0