Changelog:WHMCS V8.1.0 RC 1

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Version 8.1.0 Release Notes


CORE-12269 - Correct display of products with HTML description in Cloud Slider
CORE-12743 - Incorporate and inspect auto-responder headers for Support messaging
CORE-14789 - Improve logging of server change
CORE-14963 - Correct log description of sent admin order notification
CORE-14965 - Provide warning when attempting to place admin upgrade order if unpaid invoice exists
CORE-14970 - Optimize indexing for cron log data
CORE-15138 - Ensure ClientEdit hook fired when toggling tax status
CORE-15245 - Create translation string for Admin Authentication Confirmation
CORE-15352 - Prevent invoice creation email for downgrade orders with no invoice
CORE-15496 - Implement UserEdit hook point
CORE-15550 - Show quantity of Service/Addon on Details pages
Also known as: CORE-15877
CORE-15556 - Prevent addition of uninvoiced items to new order invoice
CORE-15570 - Introduce Marketing Opt-In and Opt-Out link merge fields
CORE-15583 - Improve display of error for invalid domain search
Also known as: CORE-15851
CORE-15607 - Correct display of promotion code on Domains tab
Also known as: CORE-15688
CORE-15610 - Correct Order Details in order emails for One Time products
CORE-15666 - Suppress admin error for previously configured invalid TLD
CORE-15668 - Provide warning when editing a product and system order form is missing
CORE-15670 - Optimize Client Log Tab Query
CORE-15671 - Show all entries on the calendar by default
CORE-15673 - Provide health check to notify when memory setting for cron is less than recommendation
CORE-15678 - Ensure Loading Saved Message keeps filters for Email Campaigns
CORE-15682 - New Invoice link doesn't work on the Billing > Invoices page
CORE-15686 - Suppress Invalid Domain warning for admin orders with a wildcard expression
CORE-15690 - Correct Product Addon selection Validation for Product Bundles
CORE-15716 - Correct webmail portal link in OX App Suite welcome email
CORE-15763 - Reject non-compliant email address for UpdateClient API
CORE-15773 - Correct markdown formatting inspection for non-latin characters
CORE-15775 - Ensure 2FA challenge is provided for password reset
CORE-15776 - Prevent error when removing quote items for new client
CORE-15832 - Correct free setup promo for mutliple quantity orders
CORE-15850 - Use correct hover cursor for admin search icon
CORE-15855 - Correct template variable of county name for SSL configuration in Twenty-One
CORE-15856 - Improve domain checker field in mobile view on Twenty-One theme
CORE-15859 - Correct styling of Checkout button for domain availability check
CORE-15860 - Correct input-group-* class for domainregister template
CORE-15861 - Ensure ticket primary sidebar text is translatable
CORE-15883 - Ensure mail_auth_config field is correctly populated on update to 8.1.0


MODULE-6646 - Ensure Stripe module converts fees to payment currency before applying
MODULE-6656 - Pass CPR details when updating whois contact details on .ca domain via ResellerClub
MODULE-7478 - Prevent Stripe PaymentIntent creation when TOS and captcha validation fail
MODULE-7527 - Add FrContact Support for .fr in ResellerClub
MODULE-7528 - Correct transfer API call to GoDaddy with additional domain fields
MODULE-7531 - Ensure GoDaddy module can verify Privacy Protection eligibility for all TLDs


CORE-14322 - Correct trigger for InvoiceCancelled hook via UpdateInvoice API
CORE-15567 - Ensure localAPI can generate valid tokens via createssotoken
CORE-15615 - Allow validation for select fields to be skipped for AddClient
CORE-15674 - Correct support of IDN domains for SaveRegistrarLock and DomainUpdateLockingStatus API
CORE-15788 - Allow Client Status filtering in GetClients API
CORE-15829 - Correct relative path for unauthenticated OAuth authorization
CORE-15840 - Clarify documentation that WhmcsDetails API is available as of v8.0


CORE-15825 - Hungarian language improvements
CORE-15847 - French language improvements