Changelog:WHMCS V8.1.1

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Version 8.1.1 Release Notes


ADDON-6136 - Ensure Google Analytics outputs script to page
CORE-15519 - Ensure ticket replies from associated users are accepted
CORE-15694 - Prevent erroneous field being displayed after failed domain contact change
CORE-16005 - Correct rendering for sequential error related to failed 2FA disablement
CORE-16014 - WHOIS update for .sa TLD
CORE-16016 - WHOIS update for .ie TLD
CORE-16017 - Improve description of mail import command
CORE-16022 - Prevent duplicate alert for invalid login on Twenty-One
CORE-16025 - Provide or utilize translation strings for various text in Twenty-One
Also known as: CORE-16055, CORE-16194
CORE-16026 - Correct theme inheritance for pagination property
CORE-16029 - Correct alignment of date picker element for Prune Ticket Attachments
CORE-16031 - Improve responsiveness for domain checker
CORE-16033 - Provide integration to HMRC for GB VAT number validation
Also known as: CORE-16220
CORE-16038 - Correct erroneous alert of oustanding invoice in upgrade/downgrade modal
CORE-16040 - Improve description of invite function
CORE-16041 - Provide password type custom field values decrypted to provisioning functions
CORE-16046 - Correct link for OX Manage Email Accounts
CORE-16048 - Prevent indefinite retry of failed email campaign
CORE-16049 - Correct display of module log response
CORE-16050 - Correct sidebar collapse/expansion for cart with Twenty-One
CORE-16051 - Improve handling of invalid parent property of theme
CORE-16058 - Update clients only ticket department description
CORE-16070 - Correct CSS inclusion for viewquote template
CORE-16071 - Correct error on unique email requirement for authenticated user client creation via cart
CORE-16074 - Improve design of admin edit button for knowledgebase articles and categories in Twenty-One
CORE-16081 - Correct path for view cart icon of Twenty-One
CORE-16084 - Prevent erroneous ajax request on automation page
CORE-16086 - Remove legacy smarty variables & increase performance of client area
CORE-16092 - Improve cPanel template for Bootstrap 3 and 4 compatibility
CORE-16093 - Generate order invoices respective to user's language
CORE-16094 - Update template path comparison for non-standard file environments
CORE-16098 - Optimise Additional Domain Fields display in mobile view
CORE-16104 - Improve CSRF error rending for admin login
CORE-16105 - Improve Twenty-One styling for hyperlinks
CORE-16106 - Improve formatting of intelligent search results when a company name is present
CORE-16107 - Prevent missing function error in DeleteClient API
CORE-16108 - Improve Plesk account reindexing upgrade routine
CORE-16109 - Improve Twenty-One styling for block quotes
CORE-16111 - Correct inclusion in Twenty-One related to certificate reissuance
CORE-16114 - Improving handling for deleted orderform
CORE-16118 - Restore aggregation of default Currency considering legay schema
CORE-16119 - Correct add payment address action for Twenty-One
CORE-16124 - Add missing translation string for 'copy'
CORE-16125 - Correct inspection of 'admin' parameter for OpenTicket API
CORE-16128 - Utilize translation strings for announcements in Twenty-One
CORE-16131 - Correct display of CC recipients for guest tickets
CORE-16132 - Correct date picker attribute for Override Auto-Suspend option
CORE-16138 - Correct display of error message on invoice payment in Twenty-One
CORE-16147 - Ensure correct reply-to is used for all mail providers
CORE-16161 - Improve display of ticket information in Twenty-One
CORE-16164 - Improve ticket data aggregation for environments without native type handling
CORE-16165 - Improve render of Manage Domains for Twenty-One
CORE-16169 - Correct input handling for registration form
CORE-16170 - Correct link for close ticket in Twenty-One
CORE-16172 - Correct link for network alerts in cart with Twenty-One
CORE-16187 - Utilize translation string for Contact Us in Twenty-One
CORE-16193 - Correct button for Registrar Lock in Twenty-One
CORE-16200 - Ensure admin notification for ticket change uses correct respondent name
CORE-16203 - Prevent erroneous warning regarding template change when configuring Stripe
CORE-16208 - Prevent error when updating while hooks debug is enabled
CORE-16215 - Provide better error message when prematurely accessing application during installation
CORE-16219 - Correct display of 'amount' on order summary for domain renewal with previous price override
CORE-16233 - Correct checkout button for domain suggestion results
CORE-16238 - Correct field requirement assertion for new client creation in cart checkout


MODULE-7550 - Ensure failure is logged for CreateFileWithinRoot in Plesk
MODULE-7558 - Redirect to clientarea if session is invalidated during PayPal Checkout subscription setup
MODULE-7566 - Ensure card billing address is not reset upon invoice payment with Stripe
MODULE-7568 - Ensure consistent metadata values are sent to Stripe
MODULE-7569 - Correct reCAPTCHA error with Stripe
MODULE-7570 - Correct display of payment buttons on invoice for 2Checkout
MODULE-7571 - Correct language selection for 2Checkout
MODULE-7573 - Ensure fees are in client's currency with Stripe
MODULE-7576 - Provide CIRA agreement for .ca TLDs
MODULE-7578 - Redirect to clientarea if session is invalidated during PayPal Checkout one-time payment
Also known as: CORE-16192


CORE-15959 - Correct inspection of email address for client associate when clientid is not provided to OpentTicket
CORE-16076 - Implement listing active registrars with API GetRegistrars
CORE-16101 - Correct order of operations for invoice update in InvoiceUnpaid API


CORE-15964 - Correct orderform translation string for German
CORE-16030 - French language improvements
CORE-16235 - Utilize translation string for Digicert feature comparison in Twenty-One