Changelog:WHMCS V8.10.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.10.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-3697 - Sitejet Builder education, management, and integration utility
FEATURE-3729 - Sitejet Builder panels, SSO, and publish for client and admin area


CORE-19025 - Increase resilience in the event of orphaned pay method data
CORE-19121 - Correct PayPal Payments logo path in CSS
CORE-19122 - Correct display of Subtotal in view-only invoice view
CORE-19123 - Correct pagination on client invoices tab


MODULE-8061 - Correct Admin return URL in Duo
FEATURE-3772 - Correct redirect on checkout with promo code resulting in zero balance due for PayPal Payments and Card Payments
FEATURE-3781 - Correct rendered height of payment option in checkout