Changelog:WHMCS V8.2.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.2.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2473 - Implement prorata billing for Product Addons
FEATURE-2476 - Implement Product Addon duplication
FEATURE-2515 - Implement User Verification Provider
FEATURE-2519 - Stripe: Admin Dashboard widget for gateway balance
FEATURE-2520 - Integrate gateway balances on Transactions List for Stripe and PayPal Basic
FEATURE-2521 - Integrate access to Stripe transaction details throughout Admin area
FEATURE-2525 - MarketConnect: Introduce Site Builder for MarketConnect


CORE-8961 - Add triennial cycle to Income Forecast report
CORE-14854 - Correct logging of queried domains with WHMCS Namespinner
CORE-14909 - Ensure file size checking is performed on attachments when submitting a reply in the client area
CORE-15021 - Improve biliable item description & line itemization for 'qty' amounts
CORE-15063 - Correct encapsulation of CSV data export
CORE-15239 - Correct responsive view of account profile details
CORE-15248 - Provide translation text for Metric Billing product setup
CORE-15262 - Add Learn More Link to Health Check PHP Cron Mismatch Description
CORE-15590 - Remove additional use of HTML from Brazilian Portuguese language file
CORE-15596 - Do not request CVC for Existing Card when paying by credit in full
CORE-15657 - Ensure overpayment following refund of prior overpayment is credited to client
CORE-15664 - Correct JS event binding for Resend Welcome Email on manipulated DOM
CORE-15692 - Correct final invoice aggregation & cancellation respective of Granduated Metric billing for cancelled product
CORE-15693 - Improve error display for issue with ReleaseDomain
CORE-15791 - WHOIS update for .ie TLD
CORE-15802 - Ensure admin View/Search Clients search submits default Status value of 'any'
CORE-15811 - Use translation strings for From Just and For Just
Also known as: CORE-16027
CORE-15846 - Correct ability to hide Project Management dashboard widget
CORE-15895 - Add Any option for domain field of Admin Domain Search
CORE-15954 - Correct CSS for kbcategories
CORE-15973 - Prevent backup routine from exporting non-table schema which cannot be reimported
CORE-15974 - Add auto password generation to admin add client page
CORE-15982 - Ensure only custom buttons defined by registrar module are displayed in sidebar
CORE-15997 - Remove Enom deprecated "New TLDs:" preorder Addon module
Also known as: CORE-16405
CORE-16032 - Improve responsive view of domain pricing table
CORE-16034 - Provide client messaging for free domains of active services and remove client manual renewal options
CORE-16037 - Prevent rendering of superfluous pagination related to Announcements
CORE-16044 - Correct Admin order summary for multiple scaling quantities
CORE-16052 - Provide "Open in New Window" icon for "Login as Owner"
CORE-16073 - Improve positioning of growl alerts in admin area
CORE-16087 - Ensure global JS variable for base url is defined for viewinvoice.tpl
CORE-16100 - Improve responsive behavior of text near Already Registered button
CORE-16112 - Improve log entry admin attribution during upgrade to v8.0
CORE-16139 - Correct background color for domain statuses
CORE-16144 - Optimise template logic and translated strings for standard cart sidebar categories
CORE-16145 - Improve responsive behavior on order summary with fraud details
CORE-16150 - Translate IP Address for ticket viewing
CORE-16156 - Improve order and spelling of Indian states/provinces
CORE-16160 - Ensure client group colour is present on ticket list
Also known as: CORE-16445
CORE-16167 - Prevent erroneous failure with only user_id input for CreateSsoToken API
CORE-16168 - Improve recipient validation for unique entries across CC and To address ticket fields
CORE-16173 - Correct logging of change to Allow Single Sign-On
CORE-16176 - Correct alignment of default captcha in Twenty-One
CORE-16178 - Ensure correct domain status is logged on entry for Server Sync Tool
CORE-16185 - Log IP of visitor requesting password reset for user
CORE-16196 - Prevent erroneous failure for TLD duplication
Also known as: CORE-16180
CORE-16204 - Correct multiple addon quantity price calculation on admin orders
CORE-16216 - Improve display of long file names on ticket attachments in client area
CORE-16236 - Optimize client area page load with improved user related table indexing
CORE-16237 - Ensure CCV is passed to module for Admin captures
CORE-16240 - Remove FTPBackupPassword test value from fresh install seed data
CORE-16259 - Correct filtering of viewable gateways for billing use in admin area
CORE-16261 - Improve display of company name in intelligent search results
CORE-16263 - Prevent cascade of language change for client with changed for user
CORE-16271 - Correct unique filtering of CC for SendGrid
CORE-16274 - Add disabled styling for disabled admins in dropdown for support ticket escalation rule setup
CORE-16277 - Ensure remember me cookie is set if requested following 2FA
CORE-16282 - Prevent addition of duplicate CC addresses for support tickets
Also known as: CORE-16579
CORE-16290 - Ensure existing payment methods are displayed after switching clients during checkout
Also known as: CORE-16536
CORE-16293 - Correct CSS class for sidebar of order forms other than Standard Cart with Twenty-One
Also known as: CORE-16469, CORE-16396
CORE-16296 - Correct menu icon inspector to allow 'fad'
CORE-16297 - Improve conditional save for Module Log Rentention Days setting
CORE-16299 - Remove various hardcoded text and use translation strings in Twenty-One
Also known as: CORE-16284, CORE-16291
CORE-16316 - Correct layout for resource usage in Twenty-One
CORE-16317 - Correct CSS class for password strength in Twenty-One
CORE-16325 - Improve styling of status on invoice view in Twenty-One
CORE-16327 - Improve display of no domain values in client's service drop down
CORE-16333 - Correct google sign-in log entry
CORE-16350 - Correct email uniquness validation for new client account from exiting user
CORE-16353 - Prevent erroneous block of user access to client invoices
CORE-16358 - Correct language selection and fallback during invoice generation when client language is default
CORE-16363 - Prevent account creation during checkout for user with multiple accounts unless requested
CORE-16384 - Correct client UUID auto-generation
CORE-16391 - Remove fixed width CSS for product addon dropdown selection
CORE-16398 - Ensure 2FA challenge is not presented on Client Login if disabled
CORE-16401 - Ensure ticket custom field values persist on department change
CORE-16403 - Honour goto parameter through Two-factor authentication
CORE-16415 - Update HMRC integration to not require oauth credentials
Also known as: CORE-16615
CORE-16420 - Improve visibility of max file upload size
CORE-16427 - Correct redirect location from POST requests to login route path
CORE-16442 - Update addbillableitem API to support quantities
CORE-16484 - Implement hookpoints for Pre and After events for module custom button commands
CORE-16501 - Correct action for reply ticket button in Twenty-One sidebar
CORE-16515 - Correct styling of markdown editor element in Twenty-One


MODULE-6758 - Correct "Login to Plesk Control Panel" client area action
MODULE-7464 - Correct display of API authentication error with Heart Internet
MODULE-7536 - [Enom] Audit all Enom functions to ensure IDN Domain compatibility
MODULE-7552 - Update for new success response code of lock API for OnlineNIC
MODULE-7557 - Cancel outstanding invoices on service transfer to new client
MODULE-7559 - Correct API value of package for DirectAdmin
MODULE-7561 - Increase cURL timeout in DirectAdmin module
MODULE-7564 - Clear product mapping when switching between PayPal Checkout sandbox and live envirnoments
MODULE-7572 - Discontinue support for Worldpay Invisible and Worldpay Invisible XML gateways
MODULE-7581 - Correct bank pay method description saving
MODULE-7582 - Ensure DomainUpdateLockingStatus API returns valid response
MODULE-7589 - Increase timeout for Virtualmin
MODULE-7594 - Add OpenXchange migration information to client area
MODULE-7595 - Add OpenXchange migration tool references to client area
MODULE-7600 - Correct Invisible reCAPTCHA error with Stripe


CORE-16061 - Allow filtering by serviceId or addonId for GetServers API
CORE-16280 - Improve description of GetInvoice ccgateway parameter
CORE-16312 - Honor clientip parameter if provided to AddOrder API call
CORE-16326 - Add 'orderby' sorting field for GetClients API
CORE-16505 - Add 'ordernumber' to response of GetClientsProducts


CORE-16235 - Utilize translation string for Digicert feature comparison in Twenty-One