Changelog:WHMCS V8.2.0 GA

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Version 8.2.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2623 - Provide landing page for WordPress Toolkit with Smart Updates for Plesk Add-on Feature
FEATURE-2621 - Update SiteBuilder landing page's template section with dozens of examples and links to live demos


CORE-16174 - Correct Addon Recalculate on Save with multiple quantities
CORE-16228 - Correct alphabetical sort of promotion codes in service overview dropdown
CORE-16641 - Correct display of metric usage for custom daily period
CORE-16665 - Improve styling of MarketConnect addons on product details page
Also known as: CORE-16696
CORE-16707 - Prevent erroneous creation of paymethod reference for 3D Secure with Stripe
CORE-16720 - Correct template inherence for support department custom fields
CORE-16733 - Correct missing Markdown Guide template in child themes
CORE-16797 - Correct CSS for Twenty-One sidebar width on mobile view


MODULE-7498 - Update additional domain fields structure for .app and .bio with Enom
MODULE-7592 - Correct additional domain field data for .es with LogicBoxes
MODULE-7622 - Correct transfer parameters for .fr to ResellerClub
MODULE-7624 - Add TNC additional domain field for transferring .nz domains with ResellerClub
MODULE-7626 - Ensure IDN language is provided for domain registration orders as part of hosting orders
MODULE-7632 - Correct PayPal unlink account command for non-English UIs