Changelog:WHMCS V8.2.1

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Version 8.2.1 Release Notes


CORE-16394 - Correct display format used for client name in ticket list
CORE-16460 - Prevent unnecessary authentication request for appropriately permissioned admin when viewing quote
CORE-16486 - Ensure ClientAreaPageContacts hook fires when managing contacts
CORE-16495 - Correct use of form data for mail import connection test
Also known as: CORE-16799
CORE-16668 - Correct labeling of 'Default' pay method when merging clients
CORE-16689 - Correct error in mandateAcceptance language string of French translation
CORE-16724 - Ensure display of correct currency in Billing > Transactions List
Also known as: CORE-16845
CORE-16765 - Correct handling of nested API input for Plesk services
CORE-16803 - Ensure Ticket Merge Field [Firstname] is populated for contacts
CORE-16812 - Ensure client IP is passed to the Plesk module when clicking "login to control panel" in the client area
CORE-16836 - Ensure tax rate is notated on invoices with zero amount
CORE-16841 - Ensure Resend Welcome Email for addon uses correct email template
CORE-16844 - Ensure recurring product with zero price can be added to cart
CORE-16846 - Correct random value maxiumum for 32-bit systems
CORE-16869 - Correct import of tickets when requested to ignore error and import


MODULE-7071 - Ensure existing customer is used for Stripe
MODULE-7630 - Correct sixty-day-lock-optout parameter used in ResellerClub
MODULE-7646 - Ensure friendly error messaging displayed during falied signup


CORE-16764 - Update Dutch Translations