Changelog:WHMCS V8.3.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.3.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2622 - Implement WordPress Hosting
FEATURE-2624 - Implement Payment Gateway Dispute Management
FEATURE-2625 - Optimize Client Services Summary
Also known as: CORE-16871
FEATURE-2637 - Implement Affiliate Commission Reversal
FEATURE-2652 - Implement DNS domain validation and persistent validation detail UIs
FEATURE-2655 - Implement SEO friendly Product URLs
CORE-16685 - Allow admin notes to be split into new tickets
CORE-16435 - Add quick shortcuts to Plesk product detail page


CORE-8243 - Ensure tax is not applied for exempt clients when using inclusive tax
CORE-14615 - Match nextinvoicedate to nextduedate when "Signup Anniversary Prorata" is enabled and prorata billing is enabled on ordered product
CORE-16056 - Downgrade overcrediting with an upgrade promotion code involved
CORE-16141 - Improve performance of Email Campaigns with a large volume of recipients
CORE-16278 - Remove erroneous whitespace from email addresses when adding new clients and users
CORE-16289 - Propagate TLD changed to Spotlight TLDs when the TLD is renamed on the pricing list
CORE-16341 - Ensure child order forms use custom.css on all pages
CORE-16348 - Correct invalid UPDATE query on client registration
CORE-16438 - Ensure Email Verification email is logged in the activity log
CORE-16477 - Ensure Ticket Attachments can be applied to notes via API
CORE-16500 - Ensure CC emails are processed when merging tickets
CORE-16519 - Ensure noemail attribute honored for OpenTicket API
CORE-16528 - Ensure PDF email attachment is not blank upon import via pipe and pop
CORE-16608 - Allow up to 99 generated usernames per domain during order creation
CORE-16685 - Allow admin notes to be split into new tickets
CORE-16693 - Minor corrections and refinements to ShoppingCartValidateCheckout hook documentation
CORE-16700 - Prevent characters Stripe does not allow in statement descriptors from being provided in the module configuration suffix
CORE-16736 - Correct MarkDown editor Preview action and request handling for non-authenticated sessions
CORE-16762 - Use friendly names in error messages for product configuration option values of product bundles
CORE-16778 - Improve default ticket mask format and provide health check
CORE-16832 - Prevent erroneous requirement of optional fields in checkout request
CORE-16851 - Ensure all emails are not sent when mail is globally disabled
CORE-16860 - Increase whitespace around invoice alert panel text in Twenty One
CORE-16864 - Remove duplicate terminationDate param from UpdateClientAddon API
CORE-16879 - Use translation strings for contact modification success messages
CORE-16885 - Correct inline linking of User in activity Log "email sent" entries
CORE-16906 - Ensure sprintf is non-locale aware with currency formatting
CORE-16911 - Ensure subtotal displays Inclusive Tax correctly
CORE-16912 - Validate email address during in-checkout account creation
CORE-16920 - Ensure GetTLDPricing returns "renew" pricing when set to 0.00
CORE-16923 - Correct link to General Settings in Maintenance Mode banner
CORE-16926 - Ensure domain status background color is present on domain list page
CORE-16935 - Valid user email when updated via Manage User UI
CORE-16937 - Defer template location inspection for custom css resolution when using child orderform
CORE-16947 - Ensure recurring price does not include setup fee when adjusting after recurring promotion ends
CORE-16954 - Ensure addon setup fee is included in Order Confirmation email
CORE-16967 - Persist Security Question & Answer input on new client registration
CORE-16976 - Correct display of invoice line item dates for service addon are correct when using continuous invoice
CORE-17019 - Correct link to client from Transaction Information modal
CORE-17020 - Ensure weeks are not skipped when reattempting card charges
CORE-17021 - Remove extraneous closing anchor tag in Twenty One
CORE-17032 - Prevent visual wrap of count below category titles


MODULE-6859 - Ensure "Resend Verification Email" link can differentiate between RAA and IRTP Verification Processes with ResellerClub
MODULE-7647 - Correct inspection of EPP retrieval status with RRP Proxy
MODULE-7653 - Ensure only valid alpha characters are used for statement descriptors of Stripe
Also known as: CORE-16875
MODULE-7656 - Correct Module Queue retry action for failed WPTK provisioning sequence
MODULE-7657 - Ensure Server Sync identifies correct username/password for Plesk services
MODULE-7660 - Ensure remote statistics for Plesk are retrieved correctly
MODULE-7670 - Update Plesk module CreateFileWithinDocRoot action to prefer PASV FTP


CORE-16847 - Prevent erroneous SQL error when there is no change regarding autocalc request to UpdateClientDomain


CORE-16688 - Update Hungarian translations
CORE-16783 - Update Hungarian translations