Changelog:WHMCS V8.3.0 GA

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Version 8.3.0 Release Notes


CORE-16706 - Add indices for pricing table
Also known as: CORE-16939
CORE-16894 - Use translated service merge field when available
CORE-16914 - Improve resilience of duplicate recipient check for system emails
CORE-17053 - Log user account deletion
CORE-17067 - Prevent transliteration of original dataset provided to registrar function SaveContactDetails
CORE-17083 - Correct support department connection test
CORE-17099 - Prevent manual transaction entry for invalid invoice ID
CORE-17115 - Correct syntax error in Service Renewal Failed email template
CORE-17123 - Prevent erroneous failure when saving general settings
CORE-17126 - Add FileInfo extension to recommended environment health check


CORE-17015 - Update Hebrew translations
CORE-17039 - Update Farsi translations