Changelog:WHMCS V8.3.0 RC 1

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Version 8.3.0 Release Notes


CORE-16311 - New enhanced controls and visibility of ticket replies awaiting review and import


CORE-13492 - Improve handling and display for invalid route requests
Also known as: CORE-16202
CORE-15844 - Improve handling of inline attachments without filename or extension
CORE-16056 - Correct calculations for manually applied upgrade/downgrade with promotion code
Also known as: CORE-14325
CORE-16426 - Correct attachment of files from remote file storage for ad-hoc emails
CORE-16894 - Ensure translated version of service merge fields are used if configured
CORE-16901 - Ensure "Show on Order Form" gateway setting does not limit usage outside of order form
CORE-16940 - Correct display of non-expired, limited recurring promotions within lists
Also known as: MODULE-7681
CORE-16944 - Ensure client group colour is present on assigned ticket list
CORE-17051 - Correct CSS classes for invoice view with Twenty-One
CORE-17055 - Ensure tax and total are correctly displayed in admin area for scaling product with promo code
CORE-17069 - Update hook description for InvoicePaymentReminder
CORE-17070 - Correct translation string used for SiteLock Defend features list
CORE-17072 - Ensure Sitebuilder icon shown in upsell promo banner
CORE-17084 - Correct URL target for domain checker's own domain form
CORE-17091 - Improve binary attachment inspection on ticket reply import


MODULE-7588 - Correct display of payment buttons on invoice for 2Checkout
MODULE-7652 - Display success message when changing cPanel password in admin area