Changelog:WHMCS V8.3.1

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Version 8.3.1 Release Notes


CORE-17166 - Disregard non-grouped products when generating friendly URLs on upgrade to 8.3
CORE-17167 - Ensure credit card fields are show on new card input for existing customers without prior pay methods
CORE-17168 - Improve format and messaging of admin Dispute page when no support gateways are active
CORE-17173 - Add index to improve performance of Ticket Mail Import Log
CORE-17177 - Client Profile Modified activity log entry text mistakenly uses "User ID" to refer to the client ID
CORE-17178 - Prevent circular dereference when loading list of client services with same domain value
CORE-17179 - Correctly render 'Out of Stock' message
Also known as: CORE-17203
CORE-17185 - Improve backwards compatibility for ticket import statuses
CORE-17197 - Prevent viewing error of invoices associated with a deleted affiliate client account
CORE-17205 - Prevent error during Delayed Affiliate Commissions when affiliate client account has been deleted
CORE-17206 - Do not display list of client's services on Client Summary if admin does not have the 'List Services' permission
CORE-17207 - Improve error rendering for non-existent product requests to cart


MODULE-7133 - Provide multiple variants of address indices when using existing contact with Nominet
MODULE-7701 - Correct record and display of Stripe fees for decimal currencies
Also known as: CORE-17212, CORE-17189
CORE-17194 - Prevent error when saving settings for WordPress hosting with Plesk