Changelog:WHMCS V8.4.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.4.0 Release Notes


CORE-17071 - Increase checkout speed for WordPress Hosting with concurrent event handling
FEATURE-2674 - Implement Open-Xchange Mailbox Aliases
Also known as: MODULE-7664
FEATURE-2679 - Optimize list of all SSL certificate for brand recognition
FEATURE-2680 - Render "Recommended" badging for MarketConnect SSL products with 'featured' setting enabled
FEATURE-2681 - Implement access to SSL site seals in client area


CORE-9990 - Improved Health Check for missing or unwriteable directories
CORE-14055 - Improve premium domain check on transfer orders
CORE-15637 - Improve selection of affiliate assignment in certain browsers
CORE-15939 - Improve resilience of Automatic Updater
CORE-16211 - Improve Auto-Submitted header processing
CORE-16443 - Correct email processing for optional headers
CORE-16792 - Add aria controls to admin area condensed navigation element
CORE-16823 - Correct visibility of sidebar in Twenty-One at sizes between 768 and 991 pixels
CORE-16955 - Correct client email unique constraint check when authenticated and creating new account during checkout
CORE-16961 - Ensure first reply requestor is kept upon ticket split
CORE-16996 - Ensure Date Picker opens to the correct date
CORE-17016 - Correct error messages for email campaigns with missing subject or body
CORE-17023 - Conditionally display Expire Now action for promotion management
CORE-17025 - Correct replacement of license key when updating value from admin license error page
CORE-17080 - Prevent error when creating remote storage pay method
CORE-17094 - Improve inspection of characters for spam control blocking
Also known as: CORE-10337
CORE-17110 - Retain markdown formatting when splitting ticket reply
CORE-17112 - Prevent transfer of services with unpaid invoices
CORE-17122 - Correct detection of the unlimited value for PHP memory limit
CORE-17129 - Correct mass deselection of registrar association to TLDs within TLD Sync
CORE-17132 - Prevent creation of duplicate support tickets within client area
CORE-17134 - Correct reset trigger for invoicing numbering on paying invoice and generation
CORE-17138 - Use translation string for Product Upgrade in admin area
CORE-17143 - Rectify erroneous character display on error retrieving DNS records
CORE-17163 - Improve consistency of updated scheme with new install schema
CORE-17165 - Correct display of client full name and company name in ticket list
CORE-17170 - Correct display withdrawal button on affiliate summary in Six theme
CORE-17175 - Improve handling of orphaned services on client summary
CORE-17180 - Improve handling of uploaded files with non-Latin filename
CORE-17183 - Improve user migration queries to accommodate multiple update attempts
CORE-17189 - Correct stored fee amounts for Stripe transactions
CORE-17190 - Improve import for ticket attachments with special character only filenames
CORE-17214 - Correct health check inspection of supported support ticket mask formats
CORE-17221 - Prevent redirection loop for invalid CSRF checks in client area
CORE-17223 - Correct import of insecure tickets when corresponding setting is enabled
CORE-17232 - Correct display of checkout notes field during checkout


MODULE-7631 - Add webhook event handler to process events delayed by the PayPal review hold process
MODULE-7691 - Ensure Plesk shared and reseller services can be provisioned by the same client account


CORE-16872 - Increase grace for API usage for expired licenses