Changelog:WHMCS V8.4.0 RC 1

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Version 8.4.0 Release Notes


CORE-16097 - Optimise admin invoice view in mobile view
CORE-16270 - Ensure that the nameservers list on the client area only populates from the ns1 to ns5 values returned by _GetNameservers
CORE-16945 - Correct use of HTTPS for service and domain links in Admin Area
CORE-16946 - Remove superfluous CC and BCC fields from email campaign form
CORE-16974 - Improve data retention settings description
CORE-16979 - Correct suspend command for product addons
CORE-17017 - Prevent default payment method being incorrectly changed when capturing payment using locally stored card with tokenised gateway
CORE-17068 - Update getBillingValues method documentation
CORE-17155 - Update WHOIS server for .sg TLD
CORE-17176 - Ensure spotlight domains can be added to cart while ordering a hosting product
CORE-17184 - Add ticket log entry when Admin imports email flagged as insecure
CORE-17209 - Update Admin English translations to use 'check' instead of 'tick'
Also known as: DEVDOCS-401
CORE-17215 - Render service details when navigating from Client Area service addon page
CORE-17257 - Ensure WordPress admin link in the welcome e-mail only contains 1 slash
Also known as: CORE-17279
CORE-17261 - Prevent erroneous failure of renewal for email DCV SSL orders placed prior to 8.3
CORE-17309 - Retain Estimate Taxes form selections after submission with Update Totals on Review & Checkout
CORE-17327 - Correct erroneous evaluation of valid absolute paths for Path health check


MODULE-7689 - Permit signup for when utilizing a licensed, alias domain


CORE-16933 - Improvements for Dutch translations