Changelog:WHMCS V8.5.0 GA

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Version 8.5.0 Release Notes


CORE-16377 - Correct dynamic translation of Support Department Name
CORE-17547 - Correct admin support ticket filtering by "Any"
CORE-17667 - Correct redirection with Friendly URLs after using 2FA in client area
CORE-17689 - Documentation for ClientDelete hook deprecation and preference for PreDeleteClient
CORE-17703 - Correct additional domain fields for .travel TLD
CORE-17706 - Update WHOIS entry for .pro TLD
CORE-17718 - Maintain security question selection on error or reload during user registration
CORE-17726 - Ensure invoices with client group discounts and product addons resulting in zero-dollar invoices are marked paid
CORE-17728 - Update WHOIS entries for various TLDs
CORE-17729 - Add recently visited to System Settings sidebar


MODULE-5903 - Update API used for Mollie iDeal gateway
Also known as: CORE-6141
MODULE-7789 - Update CIRA Agreement Version for eNom
MODULE-7798 - Client Area SSO: cPanel Login default button