Changelog:WHMCS V8.6.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.6.0 Release Notes


CORE-17841 - PHP 8.1 Support
FEATURE-2699 - Improve gateway selection by using Apps & Integrations
FEATURE-2876 - Implement Oauth configuration and incoming mail for Microsoft
FEATURE-2877 - Implement outgoing mail for Microsoft
FEATURE-2915 - Improve UI for gateway configuration management


CORE-16951 - Correct Fixed Amount promo for non-default currency orders
CORE-17088 - Prevent redirect of users during fraud checks with forced 2FA enabled
CORE-17508 - Provide translation strings for admin Configurable Options page
CORE-17513 - Correct Add to Cart on multiple spotlight domain searches
CORE-17515 - Improve service migration with unreachable origin server
CORE-17558 - Implement support for .au TLD
CORE-17649 - Correct sidebar display of mass pay amount
CORE-17669 - Improve mail import log status when reply fails due to disabled Allow Insecure Replies
CORE-17677 - Provide translation strings for SSL management pages
CORE-17691 - Update GoCardless mandate and payment client association routine. Handle mandate replacement events.
Also known as: MODULE-7814
CORE-17736 - Prevent client email footer content duplication in Email Campaigns
CORE-17740 - Update Google Sign-In integration libraries
Also known as: CORE-17768
CORE-17745 - Correct bulk pricing routine relative to multiple quantities
CORE-17759 - Correct convertto processing for Mollie iDeal
CORE-17760 - Restore Digicert icon lost when upgrading to 8.5.0-release.1
CORE-17761 - Update documentation for ClientDelete hook deprecation noting preference for PreDeleteClient
CORE-17762 - Correct styling overlap and offset of My Services homepage panel
CORE-17767 - Correct language key reference for Weebly
CORE-17769 - Update WHOIS server for .org and .ink
CORE-17770 - Prevent error when using 100% discount on registration checkout with Stripe
CORE-17774 - Prevent erroneous SSL addon listings on Manage SSL Certificate page
CORE-17779 - Improve selector for cross-sells setup
CORE-17800 - Honor VAT Number Validation for format enforcement in client area
Also known as: CORE-17818
CORE-17808 - Ensure product short description can be edited with dynamic translations enabled
CORE-17820 - Improve pagination in admin area for tables with a large number of pages
CORE-17969 - Update PHP version compatibility checker for 8.1
CORE-17987 - Update health checks to for PHP 8 support


MODULE-7694 - Prevent fatal error during meta data retrieval from Plesk
MODULE-7742 - Improve error detection for Enom
MODULE-7756 - Ensure contact details can be updated with Nominet when phone number formatting is disabled
MODULE-7810 - Pass Owner Address value for payments in Stripe SEPA
MODULE-7817 - Correct missing class when configuring TransIP
Also known as: MODULE-7819


CORE-17674 - Document setup fees in the AddProduct API


CORE-16919 - Updates for Hebrew translations
CORE-17771 - Update Hungarian translations

Project Management Addon

PMA-204 - Retain search parameters on reports