Changelog:WHMCS V8.7.0 Beta 2

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Version 8.7.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-2636 - Implement Instant Issuance for Digicert SSL with MarketConnect
FEATURE-2929 - Implement NordVPN for MarketConnect
FEATURE-3059 - Provide final notice and utilities regarding imminent removal of extended support for deprecated Smarty PHP Tags


CORE-16535 - Allow billable Hours/Qty amounts of two decimal place precision
CORE-17036 - Correct record of payment for non-decimal currency to prevent fractional credit
CORE-17196 - Correct syntax error in New Order Notification email
CORE-17631 - Improve performance of affiliate page within the admin area for large datasets
Also known as: CORE-17814
CORE-17665 - Improve cart performance with several thousand configurable option values
CORE-17695 - Ensure deleting a referred signup for an affiliate does not cause invoice display error due to pending commission
CORE-17816 - Prevent erroneous storage of empty custom field option values
Also known as: CORE-18042
CORE-17839 - Improve cPanel Backup error messaging
CORE-17874 - Improve performance of Clientarea with large client and custom field datasets
CORE-17953 - Ensure that the Related Service select option is preserved on submit ticket error
CORE-18044 - Correct cart item count badge observation for addons of pre-existing services
CORE-18085 - Improve message for domain search against TLDs that are not configured
Also known as: CORE-18207
CORE-18123 - Present checkout validation errors in order respective to form
CORE-18212 - Improve plain-text webmail access link labeling in OX welcome email
CORE-18328 - Ensure general setting's BCC is added for mail sent with a Microsoft configuration
CORE-18348 - Prevent fatal error in PHP 8.1 when viewing Transactions without sufficent permission
CORE-18349 - Correct link path to invoice in dispute modal
CORE-18353 - Revision update to Phpseclib dependency for PHP 8.1 compat
CORE-18356 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when searching by ticket ID using Support Ticket Search/Filter
CORE-18364 - Prevent PHP 8.1 error when searching for an existing domain when premium domains are enabled
CORE-18366 - Update WHOIS entry for .tv TLD
CORE-18369 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when viewing products with descriptions that utilize feature itemization pseudo markup
CORE-18371 - Ensure correct language URLs are used with basic URLs and Twenty One theme
CORE-18374 - Correct toggle of rich-text edit mode while managing email templates
CORE-18375 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 with RTL languages on configuration step of cart
CORE-18378 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when accepting CodeGuard order
CORE-18381 - Prevent syntax error in PHP 8.1 when validating admin input for new user invitation
CORE-18383 - Remove superfluous help tooltip link on domain transfer page


MODULE-7410 - Improve auto-scroll interaction for "Debit or Credit Card" payment option of PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7687 - Improve callback handling for CCAvenue
MODULE-7831 - Correct handling of "license check failure" errors with DirectAdmin
MODULE-7861 - Provide Admin banner about upstream 2Checkout Inline Checkout behavior change
MODULE-7873 - Ensure correct e-mail template is sent when a Stripe ACH payment is returned due to insufficient funds
MODULE-7896 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when processing API error response during remote usage collection
MODULE-7900 - Ensure PHP 8.1 compatibility for InternetBS
MODULE-7905 - Ensure PHP 8.1 compatibility for Moneris


CORE-18316 - Return client account details in GetQuotes API response


CORE-18376 - Improve translation of 'save' for Spanish