Changelog:WHMCS V8.8.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.8.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-3195 - Implement On Demand Service Renewals
CORE-16103 - Implement support for encrypted MySQL connections
MODULE-7951 - Implement Link digital wallet by Stripe


CORE-7655 - Remove erroneous invoice merge field from email template for accepted quote notification
CORE-8590 - Discontinue module distribution for EOL gateway service LinkPoint
CORE-12711 - Provide 'service_cancellation_type' merge field variable for product emails
CORE-17687 - Ensure admin area promotion code options include codes without restrictions
CORE-17899 - Correct suppression of Product Addon suspension with invoices in Payment Pending status
CORE-18045 - Translate certificate data for sidebar
CORE-18114 - Improve IPv6 validation when adding servers in simple mode
CORE-18203 - Provide 'invoice_url' merge field for Invoice Created email template
CORE-18208 - Update description to inform domain bulk pricing action will not affect multi-year transfer price
CORE-18218 - Distribute and update themes to source local copy of Google fonts
CORE-18261 - Improve result filtering for cross-sell search with large product datasets
CORE-18280 - Correct user delete action in intelligent search results
Also known as: CORE-17041
CORE-18310 - Add Tax ID field to ShoppingCartValidateCheckout hook documentation
CORE-18337 - Ensure the cancellation date is updated when invoices are cancelled during account closure.
CORE-18386 - Correct aggregation of data for selectly date range in Client Statement report
CORE-18442 - Remove SlimPay module
CORE-18464 - Ensure that 'dateTime' override strings are honoured
CORE-18587 - Improve alternative text for gravatar profile icons
CORE-18607 - Correct width of progress bars for product Feature Highlights
CORE-18608 - Ensure custom ticket status is returned if no translation available
CORE-18609 - Disregard spurious question mark in request route path
CORE-18611 - Improve performance for ticket count aggregation for client summary tab
CORE-18620 - Improve label text for Email Campaign delivery option to send "immediately"
CORE-18639 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving an empty bundle
CORE-18653 - Ensure Amount field is pre-filled for Make Withdrawal Payout on Affiliates page
CORE-18658 - Prevent erroneous CSRF block when creating billable items
CORE-18663 - Update WHOIS server for
CORE-18705 - Ensure Stripe intent capture utilizes the latest amount


MODULE-7725 - Correct value of legal type data for Individual registrants of .fr
MODULE-7922 - Update the API endpoints for BizCN
MODULE-7925 - Update API workflow to accommodate RBI compliance with Stripe
MODULE-7954 - UI improvements for managing domains with IDN nameservers
MODULE-7956 - Ensure Punycode is passed to Enom via API when Renewing / Extending IDN Domains
MODULE-7957 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when provisioning with WHMSonic
MODULE-7966 - Correct handling of IDN nameservers with Enom
PMA-153 - Prevent association of invoices to project if admin role is missing List Invoices permission