Changelog:WHMCS V8.9.0 Beta 1

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Version 8.9.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-3367 - Implement On Demand Renewals for Service Addons
FEATURE-3461 - Integrate PayPal Payments and PayPal Card Payments, allowing recurring payments by card or PayPal without subscription agreements/IDs


CORE-7657 (#5121) - Prevent setting Next Invoice Number to a unsupported value
CORE-18029 - Improve performance of admin area pages with large tbladminlog
CORE-18557 - Improve performance of Client Activity widget for systems with millions of clients
CORE-18601 - Correct invoicing of scaling quantity product addons
CORE-18625 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when Affliliate Earning Percentage is undefined
CORE-18651 - Correct relational morph of "Recalculate on Save" for addons
CORE-18686 - Prevent error when Licensing addon is deactivate and services still link to a Licensing provisioning product
CORE-18744 - Ensure Ox services cannot attempt to provision billing cycle upgrades
Also known as: MARKET-279
CORE-18747 - Ensure billable item can be saved without error with empty "Hours/Qty" field
CORE-18771 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when placing a new order while using Arabic language
Also known as: MODULE-7963
CORE-18837 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when processing Email Marketer Rules with undefined values
CORE-18860 - Correct upgrade routine in 8.0 for user Sign In Integration association
Also known as: CORE-18863
CORE-18879 - Correct error thrown when logging in as a client with a service assigned to a deleted product
CORE-18891 - Resolve Email sending failed error when using Office 365
Also known as: CORE-18893
CORE-18946 - Gateway Module name need to be consistent between A&I and config


MODULE-6517 - Correct fatal error when selecting approver email for GlobalSignSSL certificates
MODULE-7992 - Ensure PayPal subscriptions are not attempted for multi-year domains during order checkout

Project Management

PMA-208 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when processing staff logs with invalid data
PMA-215 - Correct missing endif statement in view template