Changelog:aWHMCS V2.5

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aWHMCS Android App Version 2.5

Version 2.5.3

Release Type: Maintenance Update
Released: September 13th 2015


  • ANDROID-43 - Check for the Perform Module Command Operations permission before allowing users to perform operations on products.
  • ANDROID-44 - Add partial menu so users can sign out or switch profile if they don't have privileges to view home screen.
  • Improvement to the determination of a valid Android license
  • ANDROID-42 - Prevent posting ticket reply twice if fragment is resumed multiple times.
  • ANDROID-2 - Prevent ability to press a dialog button twice before a network call is completed.
  • ANDROID-41 - Correct bug with MD5 hash stripping leading 0.
  • ANDROID-1 - Crash fix for tablets switching from landscape to portrait
  • Attempt to prevent state loss crash on tab change
  • Prevent crash from hiding profile dialog on background thread
  • Prevent crash in billing view if app has been closed
  • Prevent crash in invoice lists
  • Replace comma with decimal point in unit price for quote item
  • Add ability to cancel all requests when activity is destroyed
  • Update to latest 3rd party libraries