Changelog:aWHMCS V2.6

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aWHMCS Android App Version 2.6

Version 2.6.2

Release Type: Maintenance Update
Released: 30th October 2015

  • ANDROID-54 - Unable to add line breaks in ticket replies

Version 2.6.1

Release Type: Maintenance Update
Released: 29th October 2015


  • ANDROID-6 - Users can now touch a client name to view the client’s detailed profile from the ticket details page
  • ANDROID-10 - Added option to use Predefined replies when replying to a ticket. Users must create predefined replies in the admin area first.
  • ANDROID-9 - Added a Submit button to ticket reply window, allowing a user to submit a quick reply to the ticket, skipping the replay preview step.
  • ANDROID-8 - Change messages displayed when editing or replying to a ticket, making it more clear what action the user just completed
  • ANDROID-16 - When a ticket is created, users are now redirected to the ticket view instead of the home page.
  • ANDROID-27 - Added the ability to display, add, and delete ticket notes.
  • ANDROID-40 - Add capSentences for ticket creation and text editor