Changelog:iWHMCS V2.2

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Version 2.2.0

  • Release Date: 3rd February 2016


  • iOS-120 - Check that a ticket reply has more text than just the signature before allowing it to submit
  • iOS-95 - Added confirmation dialogs to Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate and Create buttons
  • iOS-119 - Force client list to refresh on client deletion, preventing crash
  • iOS-118 & iOS-110 - Correct bug where profile list was stored in an immutable array
  • iOS-114 - Insert predefined reply text at cursor position in order to preserve any other text already entered
  • iOS-97 - Add an additional clientid parameter to getclientsproducts call when viewing a clients products.
  • iOS-113 - Calculate height of address field when viewing Client profile, rather than set a fixed height.
  • iOS-106 - Force US locale for Invoice dates.
  • iOS-111 - Set font size on home screen to prevent problems with Dynamic Type accessibility option.