Claim Your .UK Addon

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- Addon Name: Claim Your .UK
- First Release: 5th August 2014
- Current Version: 1.1
- Compatible With: WHMCS V5.3.0 & Later

The Claim Your .UK addon enables domain registrars running WHMCS to offer and accept orders for the new reserved .uk domain names.

Questions & Answers

What is a reserved domain name?

On 10th June, Nominet launched a new shorter TLD, .uk. With it they are offering existing domain holders the opportunity to "claim" the equivalent domain which has been reserved for them for a period of five years.

What does the addon do?

Through a simple yet informative process, "Claim Your .UK" enables your customers to order their reserved .uk domain names through you. Introducing a page dedicated to the new .UK TLD, the module is designed to educate and provide information about how the reservation process works, allowing users to check if their domain name is reserved and available to claim, as well as confirming who has the right to register it, and informing the end user of the very specific requirements needed to get a successful registration.

Give it a try for yourself @

How can I use it?

We are providing a fully functional but also fully customisable default information and lookup page, which you can link to from any website, blog, social media or email marketing campaign.

How do I get it?

The module is free, and can be downloaded from the url below.

How does the order process work?

Once a user has verified a domain is reserved and can be "claimed", the domain is added to the standard WHMCS shopping cart and the user is dropped into the regular WHMCS shopping cart order process to configure and checkout as normal.


To download the addon, simply click on the link below:

Version 1.1 -


  1. Begin by downloading the addon files from above
  2. Next unzip the downloaded zip folder
  3. Now upload the resulting "claimyouruk" folder to the /modules/addons/directory of your WHMCS installation
  4. Once uploaded, login to your WHMCS admin area and navigate to Setup > Addon Modules where you will find the new module "Claim Your .UK" available to Activate
    1. If you do not see the Claim Your .UK addon in the list then this indicates the files have not been uploaded to the correct location. Please double check the upload and try again.
  5. This addon provides client area output. No configuration is required.

You must also ensure you have the .UK tld configured and pricing set in Setup > Domain Pricing to allow orders to be placed for it.

Important Additional Step for users of V5.3.7 and earlier
If you are running WHMCS V5.3.7 or earlier, you will also need to open the /includes/whoisservers.php file and add the following .uk WHOIS server definition to it manually in order for the addon to work. Those running V5.3.8 or later do not need to do anything further.
.uk||No match


Once installed, the addon can be accessed at

For example

Please Note: This addon module provides no output within the admin area.

Customising the Addon

This addon is built upon templates and is provided fully open source allowing for full customisation. A definition of the files within the addon are provided below:


  • claimyouruk.php - Contains the core logic used to validate and perform the checks on a given .uk domain name
  • claimyouruk.tpl - Contains the frontend UI design and layout
  • validate.js - Contains the javascript validation logic used in the user interface


  • style.css - Provides the CSS styling used for the frontend display


  • dotcodotuklogo.png - Nominet .UK Domain Registry Images used in promotional messaging
  • dotmedotuklogo.png
  • dotorgdotuklogo.png
  • dotuklogo.png


  • english.php - Defines the english language text and phrases used by the addon

Translating into other languages

An english language file is included by default. Should you wish to translate it into your native or any other languages, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by opening the English language file located in /modules/addons/claimyouruk/lang/
  2. Translate the words and phrases contained within the file
  3. Save this file with the name of your new language, for example "french.php" (this must match one of the other languages defined in the /lang/ folder of your WHMCS installation to allow users to select it)
  4. Navigate to the addon within the client area and select the language you just created the translation for in the normal way to preview the results


Version 1.1 - 12th July 2015

  • Adds compatibility for WHMCS 6.0

Version 1.0 - 5th August 2014

  • Initial Release