Client Email Notification Preferences

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This section describes features available in version 7.10 and above.

Clients and users can customise their Email Preferences from the client area.

Admins can also customise Email Preferences via the admin area. For example:


Each checkbox controls a group or type of emails that a client or user will receive. Uncheck a box to stop the system from sending that email type.

By default, clients and users are configured to receive all email notification types. You can disable these options using the Client Email Preferences section at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings > Other .

Email Notification Groups

The groups of email notifications match those in Email Templates.

When you disable this, clients and users will not receive any emails that use those email templates. There are some exceptions for emails that a user will always receive regardless of the email notification settings (the Email Verification and Password Reset emails).

This also disables mass emails for this user or client, depending on the type of Mass Mail sent. For example, the system won't send a General mass mail if the user or client has chosen not to receive General emails.