Client Groups

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Client Groups allow you to group various clients together and quickly identify them at a glance. To create a group navigate to Setup > Client Groups and fill in the details under the Add Client Groups heading.

  • You can assign a colour to the group that will appear in the Client Lists, Support Tickets & Dropdowns (for example to highlight important customers)
  • You can assign a Group Discount that will apply to all future invoices for those clients. N.B. The discount is applied at the invoice stage so will not be displayed on the checkout.
  • You can set the group to be exempt from suspensions or terminations. N.B. This does not apply to fixed-term/free trial products
  • The Separate Invoices feature can be specified for an entire group

Client Groups can be managed from the option in the Setup menu. You can add, edit and remove client groups from this screen. You cannot remove a group that is in use.

Clients can be assigned & changed to other groups from the client's Profile area.

Domain Pricing Slabs

Domain Pricing Slabs enable you to specify different prices for clients within a client group. For example you may wish to set lower domain pricing for a particular client group without offering the blanket discount of the group discount feature, it could even be used to give a single customer custom pricing. If a TLD doesn't have a custom price specified the client will be charged the default base slab pricing.

Creating a Slab

Configure Slab Pricing
  1. Begin by creating a client group as described above,
  2. Next navigate to Setup > Domain Pricing and click Open Pricing next to the first TLD for which you want to set custom pricing,
  3. Select the group name from the Pricing Slab for dropdown menu,
  4. Click Activate Pricing Slab and OK,
  5. Enter the custom pricing for this domain, the base slab pricing has been copied across for your convenience, click Save Changes,
  6. Repeat for other domains.

That's all there is to it, now when a member of this client group orders these Domains they will receive the custom slab pricing in place of the default price.

Deactivating a Slab

Should you no longer wish to offer custom pricing on a particular domain the slab can be disabled at any time. To do this:

  1. Click Open Pricing next to the TLD,
  2. Select the group name from the Pricing Slab for dropdown menu,
  3. Click Deactivate Pricing Slab

Any new orders by clients in this group will now be charged the regular price. Any existing domains ordered whilst the custom pricing was in effect will retain that price, to change them use the Bulk Pricing Update Utility.