Clients:Emails/Notes/Logs Tabs

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Emails tab

The Emails tab is accessed via the Clients > View/Search Clients page, select a client, then click the tab marked "Emails". It contains a paginated list of emails sent to the client through WHMCS since the logs were last pruned, with the exception of the "Automated Password Reset", "Client Email Address Verification", and "Password Reset Validation" emails. These emails are not recorded intentionally.

Notes tab

Here staff can enter private notes about the client to be displayed to whoever views this Notes tab. The tab itself will display the number of notes in brackets. Separate notes sections are available available under the Products/Services, Domains and Profile tab.

Tick the Make Sticky checkbox and this note will be displayed throughout the client's account and on any tickets they submit in the admin area.

Log tab

Displays a paginated list of entries from the Activity Log pertaining to this client, as well as options to search/filter the results. This provides a detailed audit trail of the client's history within WHMCS.