Clients:Invoices Tab

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The Invoices tab is accessed via the Clients > View/Search Clients page, select a client, then click the tab marked "Invoices". It contains a list of all a client's invoices, tools for searching within them as well as options for managing invoices en-mass.

Client Invoices Tab


At the top of the tab are the search and filtering fields. They can be used to find a specific invoice by its number, display only those with a certain payment method or status and invoices with a total due between minimum and maximum values you specify. There are also date fields which allow invoices created, due and paid on a specific date too.

The fields can be used in combination, for example by filling in the Payment Method, Status and Due Date fields one can search for Unpaid invoices with the PayPal payment method due on 01/01/2015.

Once the desired criteria have been specified, click the Search button.

Create Invoice

This button creates a custom invoice. Clicking the link immediately creates an empty invoice to which line items can be added as desired. This link will not trigger the sending of an email to the client.

Invoice List

The majority of the page is taken up by a paginated list of the client's invoices, the number of entries per page is defined in Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > General Settings. Click the table headings to change the sorting order.

Click the invoice number to view/edit the invoice. Click the invoice total to see a preview of the invoice items without leaving the current page.

With Selected

The following options can be performed on invoices en-mass by selecting one or more invoices using the corresponding checkboxes on the left-hand side and clicking the appropriate button.

Mark Paid

Creates an empty transaction thereby changing an invoice's status to Paid.

Note: If an invoice has a balance of 0.00 no further payment can be made against the invoice so option will not cause a change. In this case the invoice's status can be changed by editing the invoice and using the Options tab to change the status manually.

Mark Unpaid

Changes an invoice's status to Unpaid only.

Mark Cancelled

Changes an invoice's status to Cancelled only.

Duplicate Invoice

Creates a new invoice copying the selected invoice. The new invoice will be assigned the next available invoice number, contain the same line items and have the same invoice date, due date and payment method.

Any transactions applied to the original invoice will not be applied or duplicated to the new invoice.

Send Reminder

Sends the invoice payment reminder email for the selected invoice to the client.


Select two or more invoices to merge the invoice items within together. The lower numbered invoice will be merged into the invoice with the higher number, leaving only the invoice with the higher number behind.

Mass Pay

Select two or more invoices and click this button to generate a mass pay invoice. This new invoice can then be paid in a single transaction (saving on transaction fees) which will in turn mark the original invoices paid. Further Information.


Clicking this button and confirming the deletion will permanently remove the invoice. Any transactions will remain. If the invoice relates to a service or domain, a new replacement invoice will not be created.