Clients:Notes Tab

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The Notes tab allows you to enter private notes about a client. The tab's text includes the current number of notes.

You can access this tab when you view a client's profile at Clients > View/Search Clients.

Viewing Notes

The notes in the Notes tab are visible to all admins but are not visible to the client. You can check Make Sticky to display the note throughout the client's account and on any tickets they submit in the Admin Area.

This tab does not display the separate notes that you can view in the Products/Services, Domains, and Profile tabs.

Staff Mentions

Staff mentions allow you to "tag" other administrative users and trigger an email notification to them as a quick and easy way to alert them to the note you have just added. To use a staff tag in a ticket note, type @ followed by the staff member's name.

For more information, see Staff Mentions.