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This page describes a feature added in the 7.5 branch of WHMCS.


The Tickets Tab is accessible via the Clients >> View/Search Clients page. Select a client then click on the tab marked Tickets. The Tickets Tab contains a historical and paginated view of the client's tickets. This also shows ticket statistics and the ability to search in real time as well as open a ticket for the client.


Open New Ticket

The Open New Ticket action button will open a new ticket associated with the client's account.

This button is in the top right corner of the page.

Client tickets tab.png


The Search field will allow you to search the clients tickets with results that appear in real time.

You can search by a different values such as:

  • Text within the Subject
  • Statuses tickets are in
  • Dates
  • Departments

This will not search the contents of the ticket body messages for matching.

Filter results.png


Here you will see statistics panels at the top of the page with data for the client's activity about tickets.

This is a quick way to check for tickets in the following areas:

  • Opened This Month
  • Opened Last Month
  • Opened This Year
  • Opened Last Year

This can be handy for identifying patterns and trends related to the support level provided to clients.

Tickets stat panels.png