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Client Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab is accessed via the Clients > View/Search Clients page, select a client, then click the tab marked "Transactions". It contains summary statistics of the transactions made by this client along with a paginated list of all their transactions, icons to edit or delete an existing quote and a link to record a new transaction.

The number of entries per page is determined under Setup > General Settings. Click the table headings to change the sorting order.

Add New Transaction

Clicking the Add New Transaction link will record a new transaction against this client's account.

Date Enter the date of the transaction
Description Enter a description for this transaction (required if no Invoice ID specified)
Transaction ID Enter a transaction ID if relevant to the transaction
Invoice ID Enter an invoice ID to apply the transaction against (required if no description entered - single Invoice ID value only)
Payment Method Select the payment method this transaction was received by
Amount In Enter the amount that was received (no currency symbols)
Fees Enter the amount that the payment gateway charged for this transaction
Amount Out Enter the amount that was sent to the customer (for refund transactions)
Credit Check this box to apply the transaction against the client's credit balance (requires a description entered)

Did You Know?

WHMCS provides an easy interface to add transactions for clients, including a way to apply a transaction across many invoices? To find out more check out the Adding a Manual Transaction section of our Transactions page.