Clients:Users Tab

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Added in WHMCS 8.0
We added the Users tab in WHMCS 8.0. For more information, see Users and Accounts.

The Users tab is accessed via Clients > View/Search Clients. Select a client and click Users. Users can own multiple client accounts, allowing a single user to switch between accounts and manage each separately.

Disabling Users
Disable Client Area User Management in Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings > Other can disable user management for account owners and prevent them from inviting new users.

Associate a User

To add a new user, you can use the Client Area or via the Users tab in the Admin Area.

Existing Users
If you send an invitation to an email address for an existing account, they can access the client account using their existing login credentials. If the email address does not correspond to an existing account, they can create one.

To associate a user and client account:

  1. Click Associate User.
  2. Choose an account from Select User.
  3. Check the boxes for the desired Permissions.
  4. Toggle Send Invite to Yes to send an invitation email.
  5. Click Invite User.

After you add or associate a user, they will display in Users in the client's profile. Click Resend Invite to resend the invitation email, or click Cancel Invite to cancel the invitation.


Click Manage to manage the user within the context of this account.

To manage individual user information outside of the context of an associated account, go to Clients > Manage Users.

Manage Users

To manage a user's information or permissions for the account, click Manage for that user and select Manage User. You can update the user's name, email address, and permissions, disable Two-Factor Authentication or security questions, and transfer account ownership to the user.

Disabling security questions for the user removes their current security question and answer and allows them to set a new one in the Client Area.

Password Reset

To reset a user's password, click Manage for that user and select Password Reset. Click OK and the system will send a password reset email to the user.


To remove a user's access to a client's account, click Manage for that user and select Remove. This will remove access to the account, but will not delete the user from WHMCS.