Domain Categories

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.10 and above.

What are domain categories?

Domain Categories are used in the client area to group domain TLDs into categories such as "Popular", "Shopping", or "Real Estate" and makes it easier for clients to navigate and find their ideal domain extension.

How do I customise the domain categories?

The domain categories shipped with WHMCS by default can be found in /resources/domains/dist.categories.json. This file should not be edited.

To add or edit domain category definitions, begin by creating a custom categories.json file located at /resources/domains/categories.json

Inside it, define the domain categories you wish to use. This file will remain in place when updating WHMCS.

TLDs can appear in multiple categories, for example, a UK-based company might include .UK and .CO.UK TLDs in the "Popular" category as well as a "Local Geographic" category.

Below is a sample custom categories.json file defining the domain category "Awesome Domains" with the ".whmcs" and ".whmcstest" domain TLDs.

Sample categories.json Override File

"Awesome Domains": [

A domain category definition is simply the category name, with an array of the domain TLDs which should be included in that category.