Domain Grace and Redemption Grace Periods

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.5 and above

About Domain Grace and Redemption Grace Periods

First, here's a quick recap of the typical lifecycle of a gTLD domain name:


Image courtesy of ICANN.

What is the domain grace period?

The Grace Period is the status that most TLDs enter following expiry.

The Grace Period typically lasts between 0 and 45 days, and often does not have any additional costs associated with it allowing a domain name to still be renewed at the regular rate.

What is the domain redemption grace period?

Redemption is the status that most TLDs enter if they are not renewed during the grace period.

Redemption is a status employed by the registries following the grace period and coincides with a domain being put up for auction. Typically the redemption period will last for 30 days.

Domains can still be renewed while in the redemption status (providing it hasn't been auctioned off) by paying a redemption fee plus the regular renewal cost for the domain.

If the domain is not recovered from redemption, it enters a Pending Delete stage at the Registry for 1-5 days. On the 6th day, the domain is typically released to the public for re-registration.

Domain Grace Periods and Redemption Grace Periods can vary by Registrar and Registry, so it is important to check with your Registrar what the grace periods and redemption periods are for each of the TLDs you offer.

Domain Grace and Redemption Period Defaults

At WHMCS, we've done the hard work for you. We've gone to each of the major registrars and registries, and collated a list of the most common grace period and redemption period timeframes for over 800 of the most common TLDs and extensions.

This allows us to provide default values and recommendations for the grace and redemption grace periods when you add TLDs to WHMCS.

By default, we will automatically apply the default Grace Period for a TLD/extension when available. This allows customers to renew a domain past the expiry date for the given period of time. By default no additional fees are applied to the renewal of domains in the Grace Period, as is in keeping with the behaviour of most Registrar's and Registries, however you can set additional fees to be applied should you wish as described below.

Unlike with the Grace Period, because renewal during the Redemption Grace Period typically incurs additional fees, and those fees vary, we do not apply any defaults automatically. We will still display the default recommended value for the Redemption Grace Period timeframe to you when configuring your extension, but if you wish to enable your customers to renew domains in the Redemption Grace Period, you must manually activate it by setting the Redemption Grace Period timeframe for a given extension/TLD. Typically you will also want to define a Redemption Grace Period Fee for this as most Registrars will charge you more for renewing a domain in the Redemption Grace Period.

Setting Grace Periods/Redemption Grace Periods and Fees in WHMCS

WHMCS allows you to define the length of time for the Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period for each TLD/extension you sell.

While it is common for there to be no additional fees associated with the Grace Period for a domain, WHMCS also allows you to set a fee for both the Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period independently for each TLD/extension you offer.

To set the grace period values, follow the steps below.

1. Begin by navigating to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing.

2. Click the Setting icon next to the TLD you wish to manage (indicated below).


3. This will reveal the grace period and redemption period settings. If no values have previously been defined, you will see the default recommended value we have obtained for that extension (when available). You may override this value as desired.

4. You may optionally set a fee that is charged in addition to the regular renewal price for either the Grace Period, Redemption Period, or both. You should define the fee in your base system currency and WHMCS will auto convert it to any other currencies as and when required.

It is important to note that grace and redemption fees are compounded, so if a domain expires and is not renewed during the grace period, the total amount due will be the regular renewal price + Grace Period Fee (if defined) + Redemption Grace Period Fee.

5. Once you're happy with your changes, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

Disabling Grace Periods and Redemption Grace Period Functionality

Grace Periods and Redemption Grace Periods can be individually set and controlled on a per TLD/extension basis as described above.

Zero (0) is a valid period for both the Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period if you do not wish to offer any Grace or Redemption period for any given extension.

We also offer an option to globally disable all Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period functionality in the product which will stop all grace period and fee handling from being performed. You will find the setting for this located in Setup > General Settings > Domains.