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This page explains how to configure the prices you charge to your clients for domain registration and associated addons. Instructions for configuring WHMCS to register/renew/transfer domains automatically can be found at Domains Configuration.

Domain pricing is managed via Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing. Here is you configure all the Extensions/TLDs you wish to offer, their features & pricing.

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Adding a New TLD

Domain Pricing Page
Domain Pricing Matrix
  1. The empty last row in the TLDs table is where you add new TLDs to your list
  2. Begin by entering the TLD including the preceeding . for example ".com", ".net", etc...
  3. If DNS Management, Email Forwarding or ID Protection is available & should be offered for this TLD check the boxes
  4. If an EPP code is required for transfers, tick the EPP Code box
  5. And if you want automatic registration to occur on payment, choose the registrar which should be used in the dropdown (more about this later on)
  6. Then click Save Changes to complete the process
  7. You cannot configure pricing until after the TLD has been added. Following the first save, click the Open Pricing button on the new TLDs row to edit the pricing matrix for the years available on this TLD. You must click "Enable" next to each year/currency to enable pricing for it.

You may have noticed the pricing slab feature, this enables different domain pricing to be specified for different client groups on a per-TLD basis. More information can be found in Client Groups.

Domain Grace and Redemption Grace Periods

This section describes a feature available in version 7.5 and above
Domain Grace Settings

The Grace Period and Redemption Period settings enable fine-grained control over what happens when clients renew domains after the expiration date. There are two tiers which control any extra charges you wish to make depending upon how late a domain is renewed. Pricing is controlled on a per-TLD basis.

For more information, please refer to the dedicated documentation page for Domain Grace and Redemption Grace Periods.

Modify an Existing TLD

  1. Begin by clicking the Open Pricing link on the TLDs row that you would like to edit
  2. You can then adjust the cost prices, both on a per year registration length and per currency basis if you have more than one configured.
  3. There are three columns available: Registration, Transfer and Renewal. You can set a different price for each option should you wish. You must click "Enable" next to each year/currency to enable pricing for it.
  4. Once you have made all your desired changes, click "Save Changes" to complete the process.

Please Note: Any changes you make here will only affect new domain name registrations and transfers. Existing domain registrations will not be affected by any changes you make here. To update renewal prices for existing customers domains, you need to use the Bulk Pricing Updater.

Re-ordering TLDs

  • Reordering TLDs is simply a drag & drop process
  • Position your mouse over the up/down arrows on the row you want to move, click+hold and then drag up or down
  • Once it is where you want it to be, let go of the mouse button to assign it.

Bulk Management

TLD Bulk Management actions

The Bulk Management actions allow for quick updates to the registration, transfer and renewal amounts for the 1 to 10 year cycles for all configured TLDs, along with the ability to mass configure the grace and redemption periods and amounts to charge for those to all TLDs.

For example, to change the pricing for 1 year registrations for all TLDs to $14, enter 14 into the 1 Year Registration box and then click "Save Changes". To apply the same change to years 2 to 10 with automatic multiplication of the 1 year amount, tick the "Set 2-10 years based on 1 year price" box before doing so.

The Grace Period and Redemption Period bulk actions were introduced with support for Grace and Redemption Periods in WHMCS 7.5. These options can be used to quickly enable or update the Grace Period and Redemption Period settings for all TLDs at once and can be helpful when first enabling these features on the configured TLDs. For more information on how to set these items, please refer to our documentation on Domain Grace and Redemption Periods at

Upsell Features

Spotlight TLDs

The Spotlight TLDs feature is used to highlight specific TLDs on the domain results page, the first suggested result for the spotlighted TLD will appear in highlighted boxes directly below the client's check result. Select the TLDs you wish to bring to prominence on the results page and clients can easily add these to their shopping cart with a single click.

Managing Spotlight TLDs

To add a Spotlight TLD:

  • Click the lightbulb icon next to the TLD you wish to spotlight
  • It will then appear in the Spotlight TLD section at the top of the page
  • Repeat this process for up to 8 TLDs
  • Spotlighted TLDs can be dragged left and right to change the order in which they appear on the domain results page.

To remove a Spotlight TLD

  • Click the X next to the TLD in the Spotlight section at the top of the page
  • The TLD is now removed from the spotlight section on the domain results page

For information on adding logos for Spotlight TLDs that do not already have a PNG logo file in the /assets/img/tld_logos folder or applying custom styling, please refer to

Sales Groups

Sales groups are another method to highlight certain TLDs to customers on the domain results page by displaying colourful labels next to the domain results; HOT, NEW, SALE. All results for the TLD within a Sales Group will display the label next to it on the domain results page. This can be used in conjunction with Spotlight TLDs above, so a domain can be both spotlighted and in a sales group for extra prominence.

Managing Sales Groups

To assign a domain to a Sales Group:

  • Click the down arrow next to the TLD you wish to display the label
  • Click one of the three options; HOT, NEW or SALE

To remove a domain from a Sales Group

  • Click the down arrow next to the TLD in question
  • Select the grey NONE option

Lookup Provider

Domain Lookup Providers

This is set to "Standard WHOIS" by default and only needs to be changed if you wish to sell premium domains or use lookup functionality in your specific registrar (if supported).

Once a Lookup Provider that supports Premium Domains is selected, Premium Domains can be enabled in WHMCS in Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing. Once enabled, the configuration of percentage markups and selling of premium domains will become possible.

Premium Domains

This section describes a feature available in version 7.1 and above
Premium Domains Activated

Premium Domains are names with short, common or desirable words. Usually providing a more memorable web address for a premium price. The pricing is fetched in real-time from the registrar (you must be using a registrar that supports this functionality) configured as the Lookup Provider and any markup you've configured is then applied to determine the final price charged to the customer.

For more information, please refer to our documentation on Premium Domains at

Domain Addons - ID Protection, DNS Management & Email Forwarding

Domain Addons

These are referred to in WHMCS as Domain Addons. Often not all addons are compatable with all TLDs you offer and so they can be enabled/disabled on a per TLD basis. Their pricing can be configured at the bottom of the Setup > Domain Pricing page, and on this same page you can also specify exactly which extensions each addon is available for using the checkboxes on each TLD row.

If you wish to offer one or more of these addons for free with a domain name, the price can be left as 0.00 and it will appear as a free option on the domain configuration page of the order form.