Domain Pricing Matrix

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.2 and above

The Register a Domain page within the client area provides visitors and clients an intuitive overview of your extension pricing. The layout of this client area page is designed to aid you in promoting your best extensions.

Pricing Matrix

All extensions that have defined pricing will be rendered in the pricing matrix table. This provides the client a clear and complete view of your current domain pricing for the minimum term defined.


Extensions are grouped by category automatically for you, to make even today's large portfolio of domain extensions manageable for customers to browse.

Spotlight Extensions

Spotlight Extensions are featured above the pricing matrix along with their TLD logos and minimum registration term pricing.

WHMCS ships by default with 20 of the most popular TLD extension logos. Where a logo is not available, the extension will not be displayed in the spotlight area.

To promote an extension in this way, you must first configure the extension as a Spotlight TLD within the administrative domain pricing settings. Second, a logo file must be present in the assets/img/tld_logos/ directory of your WHMCS Deployment.

Tld client spotlight logo.png

Adding Additional Logos

WHMCS distributes many of the most common and popular TLD logos by default. However, you can also add your own. Logo image files should be named after the extension they represent. For optimal compatibility, it is best for logo files to be in the .png format and have a transparent background. They should then be uploaded to the assets/img/tld_logos/ directory of your WHMCS Deployment to take effect.

Any additional logo files you add to this directory will be unaffected by future upgrades.

Furthermore, you can customize the look and feel of your spotlight TLD's by adding the following CSS to your custom.css located in templates/*template_name*/css/custom.css

.featured-tld .price.tld_here {
   background-color: #42AC60;
   color: #fff;


The layout and presentation of your domain extension pricing can be customized through modification of the domainregister.tpl order form template. This template is provided as part of the Standard Cart order form. Please reference the developer Theme documentation for guidance on customizing templates.