Domain Suggestions

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WHMCS supports many domain lookup providers for domain searches performed via the domain checker and shopping cart interfaces.

  • Standard WHOIS - this checks domain availability using WHOIS servers directly, and is the default Domain Lookup provider used by WHMCS installations. When using this method, in addition to the users chosen domain name and TLD, the status of the same domain with other TLD extensions can be provided at the same time.
  • WHMCS Namespinning - Will generate, rank and return relevant domain name suggestions across a wide range of TLDs to help drive more domain registrations.
  • eNom - this utilises the eNom API to provide intelligent automated suggestions based on the domain or keywords a user enters.
  • LogicBoxes - using the LogicBoxes API, this provides suggestions for ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, StarGate/UK2 and ResellerCamp modules
Automated suggestions are powered by a Registrar Account. All WHMCS users can get a free account with eNom or ResellerClub by navigating to Setup > Domain Registrars within the WHMCS admin interface.
Standard WHOIS suggestions use the domain entered by the user and the selected TLDs for mass checking

What is Name Spinning?

Domain Name Spinning is the name given to the feature that provides intelligent automated suggestions based on the domain or keywords a user enters. Designed to optimise domain registration sales and capture what may previously have been lost sales by offering alternative domain names when a users initial desired domain is taken.

Configuring Lookup Provider

Lookup provider box.png

To activate and configure suggestions from a Registrar, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing. Click on Change within the Lookup Provider section and choose the option to be used for domain lookups. Any additional configuration will be prompted for and then click on Save changes.

The Registrar account should be configured in Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars for the Registrar to be used for lookups

Disabling the Registrar Lookups

If you no longer wish to use a registrar for domain lookups, simply activate the Standard WHOIS lookup option again in Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing. This will deactivate the registrar functionality and replace it with the Standard WHOIS.


In the event of Domain Whois failing to work correctly, refer to Utilities > Logs > Module Log. Enabling the Module Log, if not enabled, will log the data being sent and received by the registrar. The Module Debugging Log will help you identify what error is occurring. Please see Troubleshooting Module Problems for further details.