EU VAT Addon

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This page describes features in version 7.6 and below. In version 7.7 and above this functionality is in Configuration () > System Settings > Tax Configuration or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Payments > Tax Configuration as such the addon is discontinued.

The EU VAT Addon allows you to configure a number of additional invoice/billing related options specific to EU invoicing and VAT requirements. One of the key features is that utilities VIES, the VAT Number Validation service of the European Commission, the order form is able to validate and then automatically make tax exempt those users in an EU country who supply a valid VAT Number to you. This helps keep you compliant with VAT regulations.

Functionality includes...

  • The ability to automatically setup EU tax rules
  • Automatic validation of VAT Number input at order time
  • The ability to assign custom invoice number formats when invoices are generated based on Year/Month
  • The ability to configure proforma/sequential paid invoice numbering
  • The ability to configure automatic resetting of the sequential paid invoice numbers Monthly or Annually
  • The ability to have invoice dates automatically updated when invoices are paid

This addon has been included in WHMCS by default since version 5.1.


  • PHP SOAP Extension - The EU VAT Addon utilizes VIES, the Vat Number Validation service of the European Commission. The PHP SOAP extension is required to communicate with this service. If you do not have the SOAP extension already compiled and available in your PHP binary, you will need to recompile PHP to add this extension. Your System Administrator or Hosting Provider should be able to this on your behalf if you require assistance.
  • Please Note: EUROPA, the service through which VAT numbers are validated, may not accept connections on IPv6

Not sure if you have the SOAP Extension? Don't worry, the EU VAT addon will notify you if SOAP is unavailable in your environment (V5.3.0 and later).

Setup Instructions

  • Login to the Admin Area
  • Navigate to Configuration () > System Settings > Addon Modules or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Addon Modules.
  • Click the Activate button for the EU VAT Addon.
  • Tick to enable access for your admin role group and then save.
  • Go to Addons > EU VAT Addon to access and use the module.

Note: If you have used the VAT Number Validation Hook previously, you should delete that from the /includes/hooks/ folder

Usage Notes

The automatic invoice numbering reset occurs when the automation cron runs on the last day of the month, so if you wish to use this feature we recommend that you configure the cron to run late at night on the last day of the month