Easy Translation

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What is Easy Translation

Easy Translation allows you to localise supported database field values into multiple languages.

Localised field values are displayed within the client area when a given language is selected by the end user.


Easy Translation Fields

Currently supported fields include:

  • Product Group Names
  • Product Group Headlines
  • Product Group Taglines
  • Product Names
  • Product Descriptions
  • Custom Field Names (all types)
  • Custom Field Descriptions (all types)
  • Support Department Names
  • Support Department Descriptions

Enabling Easy Translation

To enable translations, navigate to Setup > General Settings > Localisation

Tick the checkbox labelled "Dynamic Field Translation" and click Save Changes

Localising a Field

The value you enter in the field located beside the Translate button (the parent field) should always be for the default system language. You can find your default system language in Setup > General Settings > Localisation > Language.

If you wish to define a value in other languages, click on the Translate button next to the field like the one pictured below.

Translate buttons.png

Note: If you do not see a Translate button next to a field for which translations are supported, double check the Dynamic Field Translation setting is enabled.

This will open a dialog window displaying all available languages in the system. The default system language will not be displayed as the parent field value is used for that.

If you do not wish to provide a localised version of a field for a language, leave the field empty. When no value is defined, the parent field value will be used.