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Effective February 2014 the Enkompass control panel was discontinued by cPanel. As a result this module will no longer be distributed with the WHMCS software.

Enkompass is cPanel's Windows Web Hosting Control Panel System.

For more information on Enkompass, please visit cPanel's Website @ http://www.cpanel.net/windows/overview.html

WHMCS Module Features

The WHMCS module for Enkompass supports all the usual functionality that you would expect with a web hosting control panel. This includes full automation for both shared & resellers accounts from setup, through to suspension & ultimately termination of cancelled accounts.

Here's a full list of the supported functions for each product type:

Shared Accounts

  • Create
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend
  • Terminate
  • Password Changing/Resets
  • Package Upgrades/Downgrades (Waiting for cPanel to Implement ChangePackage function in Enkompass)
  • Importing of Disk & Bandwidth Usage Stats (thus allowing for usage/overage based billing)

Reseller Accounts

  • Create
  • Set Limits either by Number of Accounts and/or Disk Space/Bandwidth + Permit Overselling of Disk/Bandwidth
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend
  • Terminate
  • Password Changing/Resets
  • Reseller Package Upgrades/Downgrades (Allows for changing of disk/bandwidth limits, number of accounts limit, and overselling restrictions - ie. changing between reseller packages)

Setting up an Enkompass Product in WHMCS

If you're familiar with WHMCS and cPanel, then setting up a product for Enkompass is very similar and so you shouldn't have any problems, but below is a step by step guide for how to do it.

Setting Up The Server

  1. You need to begin by creating a Server for your Enkompass products to be assigned to in WHMCS
  2. To do this, navigate to Setup > Servers and then click on Add New Server
  3. On this screen, the minimum you need to enter is a name for the server, the IP Address, set the Type to Enkompass, and enter your Username and Access Hash where appropriate
  4. Ticking the SSL Mode checkbox is also recommended, but all other fields are optional
  5. The access hash you need to enter as part of the server configuration is a secure way of connecting to the API, and you can get the hash needed for that by navigating to Preferences > Remote Access within the Enkompass control panel (the remote access page is shown in the screenshot below).
  6. The default port will be displayed. If your server is configured to communicate on a different port, tick the Override with Custom Port checkbox and enter it into the Port field. For more information refer to Server Port Overrides.


Setting Up A Product

  • Once you have the server created, it's time to create your products
  • Products are the "packages" you want to offer, that define the features & resources of the hosting account
  • For Enkompass, these should be setup in the normal way in Setup > Products/Services, with a name, pricing, welcome email, etc...
  • And then the Enkompass specific related settings are set on the Module Settings tab
  1. You need to begin by selecting the Module Name "Enkompass"
  2. Once you do that you'll be presented with the fields & options as shown below


  1. In most cases, you should create a plan inside the Enkompass panel itself (in Plans > Manage Plans) and then just enter a Plan Name into WHMCS (leaving all the other fields blank)
  2. But there is also the option to define custom packages - you can do that by ticking the Custom Settings checkbox and just defining the individual limits into the fields the module settings page
  3. If you're creating a reseller based product, the last 2 rows contain the settings for those, where you can define how the reseller is limited, and if overselling should be allowed
  4. And then finally as with all products you have the option of choosing the automatic setup option you want for new orders, be it immediately as soon as the order is placed, as soon as the initial payment has been received (recommended) or waiting until an admin manually reviews & accepts the pending orders


Error Messages

Object moved

This error response is the Enkompass API response for a login failure. So double check the Username and Access Hash settings in Setup > Products/Services > Servers inside your WHMCS for the server in question match the Remote Access Key inside Enkompass and try generating a new one if necessary.