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This page contains the answers to general frequently asked questions.

Reset Administrator Password

Should you forget your administrator password for WHMCS, you can request a password reset using the "Forgot your password?" link on the admin area login page.

If you do not see the the reset link, then the option has been disabled (which is a further security option offered in Setup > General Settings > Security Settings). To re-enable it, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your database administration interface (usually phpMyAdmin via your server control panel)
  • Select the WHMCS database in the left-hand menu
  • Browse to the tblconfiguration table
  • Ensure that the 'DisableAdminPWReset' setting has a blank value
  • Finally click Go to apply the changes

If you now visit the admin login page again, you should then see the password reset link.

Lift IP Address Ban

If three consecutive failed administrator login attempts are made that IP address will be blocked for the amount of time specified in your security settings to prevent against dictionary password attacks. You can wait for the ban to expire at the time displayed on in the error message, login from a different IP address, or follow these instructions to lift the ban immediately:

  1. Login to your database administration interface (usually PHPMyAdmin via your server control panel)
  2. Select the WHMCS database in the left-hand menu
  3. Browse to the tblbannedips table
  4. Finally locate the row containing your IP address and click the corresponding red "X" icon.

The ban will now be lifted and access to your WHMCS installation restored. Should you find yourself getting banned often, consider adding your connection's IP address to the Setup > General Settings > Security tab > Whitelisted IPs list.

No Connection Error

A No Connection error on the admin login page suggests there is a problem preventing your server from communicating with the WHMCS licensing server. For more information refer to Licensing - No Connection Error.

License Invalid

A Licence Invalid error on the admin login page suggests an invalid licence key has been entered or the WHMCS installation has been moved without updating the licence. For more information refer to Licensing - License Invalid.

Feature Requests

The features that we implement into WHMCS are largely based upon the suggestions of our users. To that end we've implemented a unique and dynamic Feature Request system that empowers, and enhances the experience within the Community. Our intention with this system is to make the Feature Request submission and voting process more efficient for both the Community, and the WHMCS Development teams.

Please feel free to add your contribution, discuss, and vote on other standing Feature Requests within our Community.
Feature Requests can be submitted and viewed at http://requests.whmcs.com

Restoring WHMCS from Backups

In the unfortunate even that it becomes necessary for a WHMCS installation to be restored from a backup (due to catastrophic server failure, hardware failure, or unauthorised access) and no full backup is available, it is possible to restore a WHMCS installation from its constituent parts.

A recent backup of the MySQL database is required and ideally a backup of the configuration.php file. Instructions are published on the Restoring WHMCS page.