Font Awesome 5

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WHMCS 7.6 updates all default WHMCS client area and admin area templates to use the latest Font Awesome 5 library.

There are a number of changes to icon naming conventions in Font Awesome 5. As a result of this, there are a significant number of template changes required in the WHMCS 7.6 update to keep icons working.

Font Awesome's official upgrade guide has detailed guidance regarding any required changes:

For exact details of the template changes, please refer to the Release Notes.

The WHMCS Icon

WHMCS got involved with the Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter campaign as a backer. As a result, there is now a WHMCS icon within Font Awesome 5.

To use it, simply use the fa-whmcs brand icon as follows:

<i class="fab fa-whmcs"></i> WHMCS is Awesome!

Missing Fonts


If after upgrading you see a square box in place of icons or missing icons such as in the screenshot above, this indicates one of the following:

  • A required template change has not been completed. For full details of the template changes, please refer to the Release Notes
  • One or more files relating to Font Awesome 5 have not been uploaded/deployed correctly. Try performing a reupload of all related files.
  • Your browser has cached an older copy of assets. Try clearing your browser cache and performing a hard refresh.