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The majority of this tab is self-explanatory and common to any piece of software.


This setting defines the URL at which your WHMCS installation will be accessed based upon the location of the files on your webserver. eg.

We recommend installing an SSL certificate so that you may enter the SSL URL here to enable encrypted connections between WHMCS and your customers, as well as between your staff and the admin area. eg.

Limit Activity Log

The maximum number of System related entries that will be stored in Utilities > Activity Log. System related entries are those where the user shows as System and associated to UserID 0. Entries attributed to specific clients will be kept indefinitely for auditing purposes. Client specific log entries can be pruned via Utilities > System > System Cleanup.

Records to Display per Page

The number of records that will be displayed on pages such as view all clients, view all invoices etc.

Maintenance Mode

Enabling this option will prevent your customers from accessing the client area and display the error message you can set beneath, useful when performing upgrades or changes you don’t want them to see. As an admin you will still be able to see the client area but your clients will not. Both the API and Hooks will continue to function unobstructed while Maintenance Mode is enabled.

Maintenance Mode Redirect URL

When a URL is entered into this field, clients will be redirected there when maintenance mode is enabled, instead of seeing the maintenance message.

Friendly URLs

Search Engine Friendly URLs are where a URL which once was "/knowledgebase.php?action=view&id=1" becomes "/knowledgebase/1/How_do_I_access_my_control_panel.html". You can enable these for the MarketConnect landing pages, announcements, downloads and knowledgebase sections of the WHMCS client area.

WHMCS will automatically detect the best option based upon your server environment and highlight it with a green background. A different option can be selected and the status indicator will switch to Manual Override:

A description of the system requirements of the different options is located on the full Friendly URLs documentation page.

To re-check your environment and reset to the recommended system detected setting, click the small square button of the circular arrow icon.

An Advanced Settings option is also available to further customise how this feature behaves and is described in detail on the on the full Friendly URLs documentation page. We only recommend changing the advanced settings if you are confident maintaining your own mod_rewrite rules.