Get WHMCS Download Information

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Getting download information

You can use the WHMCS Service API to retrieve information about recent WHMCS releases, including download locations, with a curl command.

For example:


Input Parameters

Parameter Type Description Required
type string The type of release information to retrieve. You can specify stable, beta, rc, preprod, or any. The default value is stable. No

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
version string The most recent version that matches the specified release type.
url string The download location for the .zip file for that version release.
sha256Checksum string The .zip file's SHA-256 checksum value.
releaseNotesUrl string The URL for the version's release notes.
changelogUrl string The URL for the version's change log.

Example Request (CURL)


Example Response (JSON)

"version": "7.9.2",
"url": "",
"sha256Checksum": "f82c95a78251d4ece9065700f6a66bcc88984b59649e5713bfac07af7cac2707",
"releaseNotesUrl": "",
"changelogUrl": ""