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Effective Tuesday February 6th 2018, the OneClick SSL product has been discontinued by GlobalSign. As a result this module will no longer be distributed with the WHMCS software. More information on the discontinuation of this service can be found at

We recommend using the GlobalSign SSL module as a replacement going forward:

Welcome to OneClickSSL, GlobalSign's revolutionary new SSL technology for automating the SSL reselling & installation process.

Always eager to keep up with the latest hosting technologies, here at WHMCS we're proud to be the first billing solution offering integration with GlobalSign's new service, putting WHMCS users ahead of all the competition!

What is it?

With OneClickSSL, users simply activate SSL for their website by redeeming Secure Site vouchers via any of the OneClickSSL plug-ins, available via platforms such as cPanel, Parallels, IIS, and Apache.

Redemption of the voucher using the plug-in transparently creates the cryptographic keys, the Certificate Signing Request (CSR), validates the control of the domain, installs the issued certificate and binds it to the appropriate website, all within just a few seconds, thus eliminating the need to provide your customer with a CSR, and have them go through a lengthy and often confusing SSL configuration process.

But where does the user get the OneClickSSL Voucher you're wondering? Well that's where WHMCS comes in. WHMCS lets you take full advantage of the OneClickSSL automation by allowing your customers to purchase and receive their OneClickSSL Vouchers automatically from your very own WHMCS ordering system.

Here's an example of how a voucher purchase is shown to the customer via your client area:


And for admin users:



  • Fully Automated Voucher Provisioning
  • Supports both DomainSSL & AlphaSSL Products
  • Allows offering Registration Periods of up to 5 Years
  • Support for SSL Transfers


The GlobalSign OneClickSSL module first became available in August 2011 and so is not included by default in any WHMCS releases prior to V5.0.2. Therefore if you are running on Version 4.5 of WHMCS or earlier, you will need to download and install the module before you can use it. To download simply follow the link below and then to install, it's simply a case of uploading the module folder within the zip file to the /modules/servers/ directory of your installation.

Finally your server IP address will need to be whitelisted by Globalsign support for access to their API. Failure to do so will result in a "This IP Address is not registered" error message.

Setting Up Voucher Products

To configure a OneClickSSL Voucher product in WHMCS, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by navigating to Setup > Products/Services and create a new group for your GlobalSign SSL offerings
  2. Next proceed to create a new product, selecting the group you just created above, setting the product type to "Other" and giving the new product a name
  3. You can then configure the description and other settings as you would for any product
  4. Require Domain should be unticked. And Welcome Email should be left at None.
  5. When it comes to pricing, you can offer the voucher for a one time item, so select the One-Time Payment Type option.
  6. Now it's time to configure the GlobalSign related settings via the Module Settings tab
  7. Begin by choosing Globalsignvouchers from the module dropdown menu
  8. You'll then be presented with a screen like the one below which has the following fields:
  • Username & Password - this is where you need to enter your GlobalSign API Username & Password
  • SSL Certificate Type - in this dropdown menu you can set the type of SSL product this voucher grants access to. The choices are DomainSSL or AlphaSSL.
  • Validity Period - this is where you set the period for which the SSL Certificate should be valid (for example 1 year, 2 year, 3 year).
  • Order Kind - this is where you set the type of order this product is for. The choices are New or Transfer. Normally you should choose New here.
  • Coupon & Campaign - these are optional fields which are only to be used if specifically instructed to by GlobalSign support
  • Test Mode - this checkbox allows you to toggle demo mode for the selected product to allow you to place test orders without being charged

One final requirement for the Voucher products is that a custom field must be created for the customer to enter the domain they are purchasing the voucher for. This will be created automatically for you but you can customise the display name which is the part after the Domain| via the custom fields tab should you wish.


Additional Options

Voucher products can be offered in many different ways and combinations. And so in the module for WHMCS we've tried it make it as flexible as possible. And so to that end, there are a number of optional configurable options you can create to override the default module settings based on customers selections if you wish:

  • NumYears - A configurable option with this keyword name will override the Validity Period set for a product thus allowing you to offer the 1-5 registration periods via a single product
  • Transfer - If you setup a configurable option with this name, set to field type Yes/No, then this allows the customer to specify if the SSL they are ordering is a transfer of an existing SSL simply by checking a box in the order process