GlobalSign SSL

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This module automates SSL ordering and configuration with the GlobalSign platform.

Available Certificate Types

You have access to all GlobalSign SSL Certificate types and the Wildcard SSL option. For more details on the product features and benefits please visit


  • Standard SSL option - this is the default option type for all GlobalSign SSL. Standard SSL Certificates are issued to a single fully qualified domain name such as Applications for domains starting with www will also work with the non-www version of the domain (i.e. a Certificate for will also work for
  • Wildcard SSL option - the Wildcard SSL option allows Certificates to be issued to a wildcard domain such as * The * character allows the Certificate to be used to secure any subdomain on the domain (i.e. a Certifiacte for * could be used to secure,, Wildcard SSL will support an unlimited number of subdomains. The Wildcard SSL Option is supported for AlphaSSL, DomainSSL and OrganizationSSL only.

SSL Certificate Types

  • AlphaSSL - A low cost, entry level SSL Certificate ideal for hosting bundles and entry level websites. AlphaSSL can be purchased in standard or Wildcard options, 1-5 year validity periods. AlphaSSL has automated email based verification and is issued instantly.
  • DomainSSL - DomainSSL is a higher end branded GlobalSign SSL Certificate with a clickable Secure Site Seal. DomainSSL can be purchased in standard or Wildcard options, 1-5 year validity periods. DomainSSL has automated email based verification and is issued instantly.
  • OrganizationSSL - OrganizationSSL is a traditionally vetted and a higher end GlobalSign branded SSL Certificate with a clickable Secure Site Seal. OrganizationSSL can be purchased in standard or Wildcard options, 1-5 year validity periods. As OrganizationSSL is manually vetted the issuance period is 1-2 business days.
  • ExtendedSSL - ExtendedSSL is an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate conforming to the EV SSL guidelines and will activate the green address bar in all new browsers. ExtendedSSL can be purchased only as a standard option and 1-2 year validity periods. ExtendedSSL provides the highest trust levels offered by SSL and is manually vetted within 3 business days.

Configuring a Product

  1. Begin by going to Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Products/Services.
  2. Create a new product with type Other and the name of the Certificate you want to offer
  3. Click Create to be taken to the full product configuration screen
  4. Set the description and other options as desired but leave the Welcome Email set to None
  5. Pricing should be set to one time as renewals cannot be processed
  6. Next, switch to the Module Settings tab and choose Globalsignssl in the Module dropdown
  7. Now the GlobalSign product options will appear where you'll be asked to enter your GlobalSign username & password, choose the certificate product code, base option & validity period this product is for
  8. In the automation choices, you can choose you're preferred action and this determines when the configuration email link is sent - it can be instantly on payment or only when you have reviewed and manually accepted the new order
  9. Once complete, click Save Changes
  10. Finally your server IP address will need to be whitelisted by Globalsign support for access to their API. Failure to do so will result in a "This IP Address is not registered" error message.

The Order Process

In WHMCS, the SSL certificate order process is as follows:

  1. The product is ordered and paid for by the customer with the regular order process and no configuration of the certificate
  2. When the product is activated, the email template SSL Certificate Configuration Required is sent to the customer with a link back to the WHMCS client area where they must go to configure the certificate
  3. At the configuration page, the user is asked for their server type, the CSR, the admin details to assign the certificate and the email address they want the verification email sent to
  4. Once completed, the certificate is delivered via email to the chosen admin address

At no point in the process does your customer ever leave your WHMCS site. Everything is handled automatically through WHMCS.

Test Mode

To enable test mode, simply tick the Test Mode option in the Module Settings page of the product config. Note: you must have an active Test Mode account with GlobalSign. If you have not already been given a Test Account, contact your Account Manager to request Test Mode activation.

Common Problems

Error Code: -4001 - Login Failed

The login details entered under the product's Module Settings tab are incorrect. Please update them with the current login details for your Globalsign account.

The module create function of this module does not generate a username and password by design. Therefore the username/password fields will be blank under the client's Products/services tab.