Heart Internet

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Supported Features

Create Suspend Unsuspend Terminate
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change Package Change Password Usage Updates Client Area Link
Yes Yes No Yes

The following ports should be open for outbound connections from your WHMCS server: 700(live) & 1701(test)


Heart Internet is a UK based reseller web hosting and domain name provider and in WHMCS we have modules for both their hosting and domain reseller API's.

Hosting Module

Supported Functionality

  • Account Creation
  • Suspension
  • Unsuspension
  • Account Termination
  • Automatic Upgrades/Downgrades
  • Password Resets (from Client & Admin Area)
  • Automatic Login

Package Setup/Configuration

Begin by going to Setup > Products/Services > Servers and adding a new server. The name can be anything you want, the module must be set as "Heartinternet" and your Username & Password for Heart's API (which can be obtained from https://customer.heartinternet.co.uk/manage/api) needs to be entered into the appropriate fields. The other fields of the server profile are all optional.

Next it's onto the products. If you already have your packages setup then just edit those to add the Heart settings, but if not then create a new product in the normal way from Setup > Products/Services, and then on the Module Settings tab select "Heartinternet" from the dropdown. There you'll find 2 fields - Test Mode & Package ID. Enter the Package ID which should be a value you can get from inside your heart control panel and then select the automation setting you want for orders of this item (ie. auto setup on first payment, or only after accepting the pending order, etc..) then save.

Now try a test order to check everything is ok. If setup of the hosting account fails for any reason and the account remains pending, check in Utilities > Activity Log for any errors returned from the API.

Domain Registrar Module

Supported Features

Register Transfer Renew Registrar Lock
Yes Yes Yes No
Update Nameservers Update WHOIS Get EPP Code Register Nameservers
Yes No No No
DNS Record Management Email Forwarding Domain Release Domain Sync Script
No No No Yes


To activate and begin using the Heart Internet registrar module, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin Area
  2. Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars
  3. Locate Heart Internet in the list
  4. Click the Activate button
  5. Enter your Heart Internet API credentials
  6. Click Save Changes to complete the process
The API Username & Password can be obtained from https://customer.heartinternet.co.uk/manage/api/

Test Mode

WHMCS can be configured for testing purposes by ticking the "TestMode" option when configuring Heart Internet as the registrar. This will point all domain related requests to the test environment provided to you by Heart Internet.

Automatic Registration

WHMCS allows you to setup automatic domain registration on a per extension basis enabling you to use different registrars for different TLDs to give you the flexibility to offer more extensions and always get the best value.

To enable automatic registration, please refer to Configuring Automatic Registration

Automatic Domain Synchronization

The Heart Internet module supports automatic domain synchronization for syncing of expiry dates and status changes for incoming transfers.

To enable this functionality, you need to ensure you have the Domain Sync Enabled in Setup > General Settings > Domains and ensure you have the Domain Sync Cron configured on your system.


Caught exception: Communication failure
Please ensure the following ports are open for outbound connections from your WHMCS server: 700(live) & 1701(test). This error suggests your firewall is blocking connections to HeartInternet and should be opened.